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Owner friendly
Ole Ole has the BEST Tuna Dip and the best Salsa of any Mexican Restaurant I have tried. All my friends love the Tuna Dip and Salsa so much that WHENEVER we get together for a party, etc., one of us picks up a take-out quart of each, along with bags of their fresh, hot tortilla chips which they are...
This is the BEST MEXICAN restaurant in the entire world! Ive been going there for 13 years and it has not let me down
5 star(s)
We sat at the bar and were greated by the bartender Sergio who was friendly and helpful.We first tried the complimentary chips and salsa which was excellent.We ordered the 46 ounce margarita and it was top notch and a great value.After hearing the menu hilites from Sergio we ordered the steak and sh...
well i have work in this restaurant and well i love the way they though me the magic of a mexican dish and there flavor and also how to become a true mexican well i liked working with my team which was Wilson Marvin Carlos Jessica Danny etc they were all great team memebers i love working in thi exi...
Ive been a loyal customer to Ole Ole for 12 years, the first day i was recommended to go there i wuz hooked. ive never stopped going ever since... the best bartender and waiter is Santos. Go check it out !!!
Sadly, I will never be back to this restaurant. It was the worst food I have ever eaten. The fajita's that we ordered came with what tasted like pre-cooked "steak" and the same on the chicken. The corn tortillas were older than they should be for serving, the vegetables were burned and the flavor......
5 star(s)
This is the place to go for good Mexican/Cuban food at a good price. We've been going there for years, and their food and service have been consistently good. The atmosphere is clean and casual. Their complimentary chips and salsa are the best! The fajitas and early bird/lunch specials are highly re...
This restaurant is the best overall Mexican restaurant I've ever frequented in my 50 years. I've lived all over--including Texas--and the food cannot be beat! The salsa is out of this world!
Great place, I ate there before a cruise. Best part(Picture this) My dad has althimers,and He comes around the corner with this ice cream in his hand and says it is free.We all laugh and He was correct, A small soft serve for the road is free.
The mexican food is good but the Cuban favorites on the menu are fantastic. My kids ask to go there all the time, and it's reasonably priced.
The best part of Ole Ole is that they serve you chips and salsa as soon as you sit down. They have the best Salsa in South Florida! I love to dip the chips into the refried beans of any entree. I also love asking for a frozen mug and drinking COLD beer in it. That hits the spot here in sunny South F...
They have the most delicious shredded beef burrito I or my husband and friends have ever eaten! We have moved to San Antonio and can't even find a Mexican restaurant half as good as Ole Ole here.
Best Mexican in Ft. Lauderdale. Best salsa and best guacamole I've had ANYWHERE. I've moved away and I MISS THEM! I love you Ole Ole. I'm thinking about you...
Love it! we are going there tonight! good food, good margaritas, good music... this is the place to go when feeling Mexican!!!
Great restaurant! I've been eating there since about 1998, and they have always had good food. In that time, their menu hasn't changed, neither have their prices, so in a few more years they will move into the affordable category. Since their entres are all $10-$12, I consider them middle priced,...
4 star(s)
Food was great! I had the chimichanga - lunch portion. I tried the tuna dip and taste like tuna puree! Don't try unless you really like tuna. I enjoyed everything else. I heard it was kind of smoky in the place. They seemed to try to keep that down. Overall enjoyed my time.
I concur with everyone who rates this place highly. I go there anytine I'm in South Florida. I've know good Mexican, but the ambience, food and drinks at this place beats any others I've tried. Its ambience is darkly-lit, multi-tiered, satillo-tiled. The margaritas and food are to die for, especia...