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5 star(s)
Well went back again in 2009 had my usual and it was still just as good as I remembered years ago ,, One place I will miss and always return to eat when given the chance ... If you pass through Fort Lauderdale and sont stop at Eries you have not lived !!!
The best short rib grilled cheese sandwich I have ever tasted.The burgers also Rok
5 star(s)
Very good!!! loved getting the coupons in the mail, so we could go and enhoy your wonderful ribs!!! love that rib dinner.. thanks so much
5 star(s)
Been going to Ernie's since 1977, just recently moved to SoCal and have missed it ever since! Used to be a weekly ride for us on our bikes, great biker restaurant/bar, service is always great. We will definitely miss the place. Our little secret.. always buy a few extra loaves of bread for Sun...
5 star(s)
I started eating at Ernies in 1972...I moved away, and each time I re-visit the area, ERNIES tops my list..the chicken philly sandwhich is wonderful...went there the weekend of 6.13.09 and it was just fantastic...the food was the same, the cook is the same for past 30 yrs, just the walls were differ...
5 star(s)
I started eating at Ernies back when it was owned by the original owner in the 60s. Through the years it changed some but all and all great food. My order would be a BBQ sandwich conc fritters and conc salad. I kept this up thoughout my years in Florida. My last trip back was in 96 ! Still the same ...
5 star(s)
I lived down the street from "Dirty Ernies for 3 years. My first taste of a sliced pork sandwich with that Bimini bread and barbeque sauce.....I was hooked. I now live 2 hours North of Lauderdale and often bring Ernies BBQ home and serve it to friends at gatherings and they now make trips to Lauderd...
4 star(s)
I first visited Ernies when on a British aircraft carrier in 1978. We found it by chance & it then became our "local" in Ft Lauderdale. Terrific staff, great clientlle in the upstairs bar! I took my wife there in 2004 & although the faces had changed, it was still a great place. I stil have an Ernie...
5 star(s)
As many have said in there prior reviews. Ernie's is long time well known Fort Lauderdale watering hole and eatery. Friendly staff, generous portions and tasty barbeque. My only criticism is that I do not like their barbeque sauce which is thin and watery. Most barbeque restaurnts give you a chice ...
5 star(s)
I was introduced to Ernie's by a south Fla. native and my wife and I love the place. Sure,you can find better bbq, nicer surroundings etc. This place is the real deal! Good,professional waitress that really seemed to like her job. If you want cute,go to a national chain.If you are in Lauderdale don'...
5 star(s)
I've been going to hollywood beach sinch the early 80's. every time i go I have to stop at ernies for conch chowder and bbq rb. simply fantastic. I have tried over the years to mimic the receipe for the chowder and i think I'm close, but, if you would like to send me ernies origional receipe, I woul...
5 star(s)
As stated in the other reviews, Dirty Ernie's (nee "Ernie's Restaurant & Rooftop Bar" for the tourists) is a long time Fort Lauderdale tradition. I remember back in the 80's & early 90's when that section of Federal Highway was a bit seedier & hookers used to walk the streets; Ernie's stopped offer...
5 star(s)
Back in the 70's we called this place "Dirty Ernies", with words of wisdom and pictures painted on the walls, wooden picnic tables inside, and menu's hand written on paper plates ... Ernie passed away years ago but the food is still the same, spectacular! A real treat! Get a pork sandwich, fritters,...
5 star(s)
The best restaurant bang for buck in the world! I recommend the beef brisquet. Great location near the beach.
5 star(s)
Ernie's, to me Dirty Ernie's from my formative years is not a restaurant, but an institution. A unique dining experience that is hands down my all time favorite restaurant! Conch chowder comparable to none other, along with bimini bread, pork, beef or brisket, and covered in that magical barbeque ...
I NEVER miss a trip to Ernies when I go back to Ft Lauderdale. I grew up on Ernies and it is a must to have some packed on dry ice and brought back to Texas with me on the plane. This is my kind of Bar B Q! I have my brother picking up another load of yummies this week (10/2005) and it is being d...
5 star(s)
Ernie's is not a dining experience.. its a life changing experience.. the locals know that the conch chowder and bahamanian bread are kick butt but the ambience of a ft lauderdale institution.. legend has it that jimmy buffett has to have ernies conch chowder when he's in town.. the painting on the ...