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3 star(s)
Estube aqui el 23 de Junio, 2012. Les puedo decir que el lugar esta superrrr, buena presencia, la musica "espectacular",necesitan mas servicio de bar tender, solo dos chicos para atender una barra completa. La mejor hora para llegar si solo vas a bailar es despues de las 11pm, Pero....despues de bai...
2 star(s)
In todays date with families on a budget, this is not the place to dine .... they charge you for children by their heights .... we had to pay $5.95 for a two year old that ate exactly ten french fries and two spoons of fried rice. They do not warn you of this charge for children till you see your bi...
Okay it's been a while since I've been here as I've not been able to visit south Florida for some time. I wanted to see if Bamboo Garden has kept up the quality as I had reviews last time. I am happy to report my review stands from my last visit. They have truly turned this place around the the food...
The restaurant is very nicely decorated and is enormous. It can seat over 400 patrons! The food was good but I would say not excellent. The portions however is very good for the price you pay. That is certainly the case for the Arroz Con Pollo. They state it is for 2 people but I think it could have...
5 star(s)
The owners of Bagel Palace, Danny and Lily, have worked very hard over the years to build up the "Palace." Staff turnover is low and Danny and Lily are there all the time, working hard alongside the employees. They welcome regulars by name and after a few visits will remember your "usual." The decor...
5 star(s)
Let me tell you Active Diners getting good service at a breakfast place is getting rare down here. Not too mention only a few QUALITY NY style bagel delis are left in the South Florida area that have live up to your expectations. I've been a patron of the Palace for the past 10 years since I moved d...
4 star(s)
This has been the restaurant of choice for the past couple years but I feel they have been slipping a bit due to their reign as champ in the authentic Chinese restaurant realm. I have dine here twice this week to find the food still very good but not quite what I remember them to be. For instance ...
This restaurant unfortunately has had a bad rap due to some hiccups in the past with inconsistent food quality but I must report after dining here twice this week, they seemed to have turned things around. The food was excellent as was the service. You can see many locals coming in and have good r...
Over priced and doesn't taste as good and other cheaper rest. They have a sunset menu that cost as much as ala carte. Service was nice.
Been going to this this place since it opened. Other locals too... Great food and service!
My husband and I had dinner on a night they advertised 2-1 drinks...the house wings are GREAT! when we received our bill, we noticed they charged 50 cents more for my 2-1 drink than on a normal night, I questioned the waitress, who could not give me a straight answer and told me that's the way th...
always good food.good complaint.decent prices.
what can I say my family has been eating at amicis for years. its our friday night family dinner. we all love going there. the staff is wonderful and the food is yummy. the place is so cute. it feels like old italy. give it a try i think you will love it.
3 star(s)
the lady at the front overcharged me by $10.00 when i went back to her and presented my card and told her the last four digits, she looked up her paper tape of charges but could not find my number, the same card i paid with, then she told me to bring my bank statement. This is a place my husband and...
PHO 78 is true to their name to provide you with an excellent bowl of PHO. They also offer a wide selection of Vietnamese sandwiches that are also very good. Three things that kept me from giving them the 5 stars is as follows: 1) The Three Bean Drink dessert didn't quite measure up. The jello didn...
5 star(s)
Everything was excellent! You can typically judge a restauant's authenticity by it's local patrons. There were Chinese people pouring into this place. No wonder the food was so good. I actually was pleasantly surprised by it's food quality as the appearance does not seem like much from the outside....
5 star(s)
Everytime my Dad comes from Philly he makes sure we eat there at least once. It's an amazing DEAL with the best BBQ I've ever HAD!! And the Sweet Sauce I could drink it from the bottle!!!
We love this restaurant!! Ambiance is best in area and food is wonderful! Service is consistently great. Owner sings and there is live music. Bar attached is beautiful and we go there to dance, sometimes before dinner, sometimes after, sometimes during. Highly recommend.
Found fish in a vegetable plate, went for a take out and was almost closing time. Food tasted horrible, is medium high expensive and no sauce was served with my shrimp order. I gave them 2 chances and both times they failed.