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5 star(s)
I adore this place, it was my first date with the guy who taught me how to eat sushi. I love all of their rolls, especially The Crazy Irishman! The miso soup is delectable,and the gal who serves me whenever I am there remembers my name and knows my favorite sake. Anytime I need a pick-me-up, I go to...
3 star(s)
Food was good I liked it my hubby nit so much. The place was dead on the weekend night. Great decor/ service.Tgere arem many picket friendly sushi bars on Eldridge where I live so i wount ve back. Good if you want to impress your date. Overall 3 stars
4 star(s)
Nice place the first time my husband and I went there. We had a great sushi experience. The sushi was really good and their miso soup came in a huge bowl! However, the next time we went there the rice of the sushi was waaay too sticky, which reminded me of sushi you would get at a grocery store...n...
I had their sushi platter which consists of 11 - 12 pieces of different kinds of sushi. Every piece was dried and not fresh, seems like it's been pre-made awhile ago. I also ordered the "Agedashi Tofu", which is a standard dish, and I always use it as a standard to judge the basics of a Japanese r...
1 star(s)
Azumi served me rotten food, specifically the cream cheese. I got my $7 back, and an apology as an afterthought, then spent the afternoon with a nauseous feeling. So how long does the prepared food stay for sale? Who knows? STAY AWAY!!!!
2 star(s)
Usually, the food is pretty decent and the prices are good. However, the service at this restaurant is it downfall. The staff is friendly but indifferent, an odd combination. It comes down to management, which this place sorely lacks.
The oldest waitress doesn't know what the Gyu Don (rice covered with beef) is!!! I saw there is Ten Don (rice covered with fried shrimp) $7.50 on the menu and would like to know if they have Gyu Don. She kept telling me they have Udon and even gave me an attitude like I don't know how to order...
When you want really good sushi, go to Kubo's. It's fresh, the staff is friendly, and the food is authentic and creative.