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4 star(s)
Let me start by saying Lia's was one of favorite restaurants many many years ago. Our family ate there often. The cheeseburger baskets were incredible, no cruddy Mcdonalds type fries here! IN the 70's and early 80's, i can say the food and the customer service was outstanding. I have not been back ...
Super good food and good service. Would recomend to everyone looking for a good steak or seafood.
5 star(s)
Such a refreshing change for the area! Owners are friendly and always available for any questions. BYOB! Need I say more?? Amazing food and service!!
This is a really good Denny's. Usually there are more dirty tables than ready ones when you walk into a Denny's at any time, but not here. You get greeted and served and the food is good. When they used to run specials I went more. Now for the money it isn't a big draw.
4 star(s)
Love China River! We order delivery from here almost every week.
They have the best Italian food in the Humble area. Not only are the pizzas out of the ball park as they are home made, but when you order a Spinach Salad and it is served with an onion and bacon dressing you know you have eaten the best salad ever. Everything that is made there is done with a l...
Just like the food I tasted in Beijing
Good food but they ran a double charge on my debit card. Will have to wait until Tuesday to see if both transaction hard post. I won't be going back. I don't care how good the food is.
My husband and I eat out every single evening. Nothing better to do since the kids are gone! This restaurant is my absolute favorite!!! Amazing food, amazing staff, thoroughly enjoyable!
If you are interested in beer, here is a great local venue for a huge international selection both on tap and in the bottle. McClellan's is family owner and run. Motif is local bar meets scottish pub. Food is high quality bar fare with a British slant. Go for the bourbon cake for dessert. Stay for t...
5 stars because it is the best deal in its price range. The food is as good tasting as it gets and looks good on the plate. No problem with ordering, refills or clearing the table. Great decorations and the music is soft and tasteful so you can have a conversation without hearing other tables. The d...
1 star(s)
Horrible!!! I found a RAT in my cobb salad!
I have been going here for 10 years and there is never a disappointment. They added the Hibachi tables a few years ago, really enhancing the ambiance. Great place for sushi, Hibachi, and traditional Japanese and Chineses food. YUMMM!
Its okay, not the best but not the worst. The orange chicken is really good.
5 star(s)
Best eggrolls you'll ever have. Great value! Good food, chicken is high quality, flavorful.
1 star(s)
We ordered from this restaurant for the first time. After we paid, the delivery driver looked at the receipts and counted his tip and argued with us over the amount of the tip. I have never had that happen anywhere I have eaten or ordered from! He ruined our lunch! Very unprofessional.
5 star(s)
One of the few places I will eat out at. I have also placed several to go orders. It's clean and the food is excellent for the price. I could eat here every other day. It's that good.
5 star(s)
Large portions, great prices, delicious food. It's a "place your order at the counter" place. Then you sit at your booth or table and wait for your name to be called. You don't have very long to wait either. Try the fried pickles!
5 star(s)
The place is just wonderful been eating there for over a year now and love it!!!
They could not get the order right, it was a long wait, they even forgot about us once thinking we had more poeple coming when we did not, we got there at 6PM and were fed at 8PM. And then they forgot things the bread was not hot, this was by far the worse experience I have had.