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Always consistently good food, lovely and quiet atmosphere. The music is at the correct level, so you can actually hear your companion(s) easily. Interesting specials. Good wine list. Friendly and personable service. Feels like you've gone to a friend's house to eat and that friend CAN REALLY CO...
Absolutely fantastic restaurant. Great atmosphere with amazing food!
1 star(s)
When we last visited this restaurant, the service was deplorable. We never did get all our food, and a waiter not assigned to our table had to get our check. The food we got was good, but we practically had to get it from the kitchen ourselves.
great place, but I heard it is closing down and moving to vallone's on kirby. I hope someone can tell me if this is not true. great place to dine.
5 star(s)
The Food is great and the service the best. Ask for Billy he has been there forever. The gumbo rocks, none of that slimmy okra in it. And the martini's are as good as they get.
5 star(s)
You have got to be kidding. This restaurant puts Willie G's to shame! This is the best seafood in town.
La Strada (Westheimer location) has the best Sunday Brunch in the city. Get ready for a good time!
4 star(s)
Excellent food overall with a northern Italian feel.
4 star(s)
At one time this restaurant was very well run, the food was terrific and it was a good value; however, it has become very sporadic. I have had rotten lettuce in my salad, chards of pottery. We used to go once a week when it first opened; how, however, we haven't gone in months in spite of the value...
5 star(s)
We eat here at least once a week. The food is comparable to Willie G's, Jimmy G's etc. The gumbo is outstanding, the seafood is fresh and well prepared. The oysters are incredible all year 'round...and if you really like crawfish...this is the only place...honest!!