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Great tender ribs and slap your moma good food.
5 star(s)
This place has been around for over 50 years. The enchiladas are amazing and the sauce is a non tomato based sauce so of course it's different. The restaurant does have a sweet salsa which is their speciality but they do offer a "traditional" salsa too. The place has been seat yourself it's entir...
Best steak in Amarillo.
We were really excited to try a steak house in Amarillo TX. That's where you can get a good juice steak right? Well that may be true for other steak houses but not in our case at Embers. It pains us to write a negative review as we know how hard the owner must be trying to have a upscale restaura...
1 star(s)
It's nice that this location has a drive-thru but they need to work on their coffee making skills. The Mocha Frappachino was so chocolately that if I had not driven away in a hurry to get home, I would have turned around and have them redo it. The service was also very slow. I've heard good things ...
4 star(s)
While on a road trip to CA we stopped off in Amarillo for a night. On our way out of town the next morning this place caught our eye because of the retro Rt.66 looking building. We made a beeline there and were pleasantly hit with amazing sugary aromas and beautiful donut creations. I really enjoyed...
4 star(s)
My wife and I were traveling through Amarillo and I got a hankering for some BBQ. We are from a little town in East Texas, and are fortunate to have some of the best BBQ there is, thus we are well qualified to judge such an establishment. Overall, the visit was very enjoyable. In fact, everything wa...
4 star(s)
My wife & I eat at Dyers on a regular basis and hate to miss a week with their excellent food. We are always greeted by friendly staff and they always find us a table one the wall. I always take my business clients to Dyers for their excellent Bar B Que and the great Western atmosphere.
3 star(s)
The Award winning spareribs were a HUGE disappointment. Did NOT fall off the bone, and the end piece was tough. I pulled off fatty portion before I could eat them. The sauce was excellent on a poor quality of meat. We stopped on a road trip from Phoenix to Detroit based upon reviews on the inter...
5 star(s)
best burger for the lowest price i ever had and it,s good double cheese 6.50 w/steak fries the fries arent the best but the burger will fill you up and thats cheap price,i usualy take off 1 patty cause it,s too much and its alott bigger than the bun and its a huge bun
I have eaten at this restaurant on 5 or 6 occasions. Food was very good,however on one occasion the food was a little dissapointing.
3 star(s)
We've only eaten there once, but neither of us were very impressed by it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. We liked their sister restaurant downtown better.
My husband and I have eaten at Kubuki several times a year for quite a few years. We both love it, and as far as I can remember, we have never had a bad experience there. Only once did the cook prepare the wrong thing, but when he was informed of the mistake he quickly corrected it. No problem. Th...
Speaking of price, I just want to make it known that there is nowhere in Amarillo that my fiance and I can both get a full entree and soda, I can get dessert, he can get beer, and the food is amazing to boot for under $25.00. I have had slow service before, but the salsa makes up for that! Try the g...
5 star(s)
Service was fantastic and the pulled pork sandwich was tender and very flavorful. My wife is not a sandwich eater but said it was the best barbecue sandwich she has ever had. Sauce is excellent.
5 star(s)
yummy! their hot sauce for sure has the best flavor in town!!
the food is good but way over-priced for the portion size. you should not eat here if you are on a tight budget.
I love spicy Cajun style food. I had the Gumbo and Fried Crawfish appetizer - BOTH WERE EXCELLENT. I have also tried the Grilled Salmon which was wonderful too....
you must try the patty melt. it is out of this world. they give you dressing on the side, but i did not have to use it. it is delicious without it. the fresh cut fries are a wonderful compliment to it.