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This is the freshest chinese food you will find in the in the Portland - south area!!!VERY REASONABLE. HUGE PORTIONS!! MADE up FRESH WHILE YOU WAIT! GREAT WITH MODIFIED orders substitutions, and no MSG RESTRICTION REQUESTS!! THIS IS THE FIRST ASIAN FOOD I HAVENT GOTTEN SICK FROM!
Wally's is a great place to go no matter what the occasion. I actually had my 2 year anniversary there. The service is great and the food is amazing. You get large portions for low prices
Our family eats there all the time. They have THE BEST crab puffs. The quantity of food for the price is amazing. My husband & I order the family meal for two and ALWAYS take home leftovers enough for two more people. Onwers very friendly, considerate and generous. I like it better than the other re...
5 star(s)
they have the best pizza......
My husband and I eat here often. It is also the first place we choose when meeting friends for dinner out. We have always been very pleased with everything off the menu. Great variety, wonderful steamer clams, and you wont miss with anything on the menu. The staff is friendly and very effici...
This Denny's is a one of a kind restaurant and lounge. They even have karaoke in their lounge on the weekends. We happened to come upon Canby Denny's 8 years ago and fell in love with the staff and ambiance. It's our family's favorite place to eat in Canby. The food and atmosphere is bar none.
5 star(s)
Lone Elder is the best pizza in Canby!! They have a huge tv in the back room , and usually no one is in there so the kids and I love to go in the afternoon and watch spongebob and have a great pizza!! They also support their local schools and teams!!! Thank you LONE ELDER!!
5 star(s)
Love Love Love This Pizza! Crust, Sauce, Toppings, Yum!
4 star(s)
I am addicted to the burgerville food. They have always been nice there. A little slow on the drive through some days. Overall an easy place to grab a bite. I love that they use local foods and real ingredients even if it still isn't healthy. They also are good about reaching out to the communi...
Wallies has the best General Tsao chicken on the market hands down good prices and large portions I drive fourteen miles to eat there.
4 star(s)
I love going to se Pa. He is so wonderful and we always have received excellent service there. The food is consistently great and I have no complaints. I do wish they had baby coconut milk on the menu though...
4 star(s)
The best Thai restaurant I have eaten at, and the owner, Pa, and his staff are very friendly and efficient.
3 star(s)
My husband and I love the amazing meals we have at this modern, clean and friendly restaurant in Canby. When it opened we were thrilled to discover a Thai restaurant with food equal to and often better than other popular Thai restaurants in and around Portland. Our food arrives piping hot and delic...
2 star(s)
People I talk to are always raving about this place and their huge burrito. My experience has never been good though. I've tried it three times and by the third am not going to bother anymore. Last time I went there with my husband the food did not taste very good at all, it was a MESS for take o...
Excellent food. As good as any Thai anywhere. Very friendly service. Great value.