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Mitzil is the most authentic Mexican food we have ever eaten!!! Not only is it authentic, but the prices are INCREDIBLE! Family-owned & run, we have always had the BEST tasting food and FAB service! It's, most definitely, worth the drive...close to downtown O.C. on Molalla Avenue! Brightly colou...
We dine regularly at mazatlan. Have never had a bad experience. The food is always amazing, excellent customer service. Request 'Queso Fundido' dip the next time you're in. It's delicious. :]
Mazatlan mex. restaurant ..that's a very nice place ... the food is good but the servers don't respect the rules of Oregon Liquor Control Commission ... so that's really bad . the older waiter give a little shot of tequila when the costumers have a b-day ... and that's not permited by O.L.C.C. on th...
3 star(s)
This restaurant has been a problem for years. The manager, Janice, is the rudest manager I have ever seen. I eat there a couple times a month and every time I am there, she is screaming at an employee. This is unacceptable. I asked an employee once why she was still there and was told,"Janice has w...
Great place to eat. The Peruvian menu choices add a little variety to ordinary Mexican dining. The staff provide great service and are very friendly. We dine there at least once a month.
The food is excellent. Authentic Mexican food. The mole is great.
Mazatlan has the feeling of a local cantina in the bar! The main restaurant is good for families and basic fare...but the bar is where great conversations, top notch Margaritas, and the owner Isadro, schmooses with the clientel. The meals in the bar are fabulous! If you are a non-smoker, come in af...
Perhaps the West Linn people should stay on the other side of the bridge....Just Kidding!!! I tske my Mom to this place about twice a month. You see....she has Alzheimers' and the owner is ever so kind to her. She enjoys looking at the murals on the walls, they are bright and cheerful. The fo...
Someone from West Linn said bad things about this restaurant, and they're just not true. We live very close to Mazatlan, and dine there regularly. It is not a spot for haute cuisine, nor is its ambience any different from most Mexican restaurants. But the food is good, the servings generous, the ...
The food was horrible, the service was worse. I took two bites and knew it wasn't fit for eating. When I asked them to remove the charge from my bill they threatened to call the police. If you are smart you will never ever eat there. You might as well burn your money it would be more satisfying.
We stumbled upon this restuarant and we are so very glad that we did. The food was Wonderful, the service was very timely and friendly, and the atmosphere was very charming but open. The music was playing, it was a Saturday night. The manager was there, working right along with the rest of the cr...
This place was so Great! not only were there coffee they serve sandwiches too! and great breakfast! this place rocks!
5 star(s)
Great food, great service, and you never have to wait long for your food. It's a bit of a hole in the wall just across from Fred Meyers, but you'll love it.
3 star(s)
You'd think with a customer based already established, Biscuits would move into a nice, cute cafe with some atmosphere. No. What you get is a loud diner with no, I mean no, atmosphere what so ever. Very impersonal and blah. The food was better in the old location down the street.
5 star(s)
I ate lunch at your restaurant, it was wonderful, of coarse I knew some of your help from Elmer's and Rodder's. They were why I came in. I will come back to eat and bring guests with me. Good job!!! Mary Beth
Truly authentic Mexican Cusine. The flavor of the food is amazing.
Great place to find good, inexpensive Mexican Cusine. Great service and friendly environment.
4 star(s)
The food was not bad. But the management left a bad taste in your mouth. Janice the manager working that day was so rude to her workers in front of the customers mind you, it was a very uncomfortable atmosphere. In the time we spent the only thing she was able to manage was make two employees cry an...
i love this restaurant they make me feel like i am family i love there virgin margeritas i love their wateres carlos and there manager ricardo!
I have had a wonderful experence every time I have dined here. The people are all wonderful and make you feel like part of the family. The food is awsome and abundent.