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5 star(s)
The food is awesome and the staff is very friendly. They have the best happy hour with sushi, drinks and appetizers 1/2 off. We love going for a nice dinner out or a late lunch.
Been going here for two months now, breakfast on weekends, lunch during the week. Great staff, service is good, and most menu items I've tried are very good. Chili needs work (chili-burger however, and fresh-cooked beef items (steak, burgers, etc.) are overcooked. Ask them to cook thinks medium, and...
1 star(s)
The great pastrami sandwich was the size of my 2 fingers and cost almost $5. HUGE waste of $$. Maybe if they didn't spend so much $$ on advertising to get you in the place they could give you a better value when you did come.
5 star(s)
I frequent China Jade quite often and I'm always greatly satisfied. Their pork fried rice cannot be beaten and there General Tso's is one of the best in the area. Very prompt service and you don't feel rushed. It's small and quaint and you 'll never leave hungry due to the generous portions.
4 star(s)
I tried this place on the off chance. It was great. Good value. Really good quality ingredients
Very nice place and our favorite breakfast place.
5 star(s)
I love this restaurant. Its not expensive and they give you a lot of food. Quiet restaurant and nice service. I like that there's always Chinese people eating there too, makes me feel like it's more authentic.
We enjoy the food! However the Ribs need help. Everything we've eaten has been very good.
An extensive menu carries a variety of typical American fare - burgers, steaks, sandwiches, soups, fish, huge salads . . . The complete works. They do great specials and, if you like what you see on the menu, you'll be pleased with what hits the table. Portions are generous and prices are reasonabl...
5 star(s)
Great food and casual atmosphere.My Dad and I have been going here for years. The enchilada chipotle is my fav and great homemade salsa. The staff is friendly and service is fast. Highly recommended.
this is an amazing place to eat. the people are friendly and you'll always leave with a smile on your face.
5 star(s)
I really love that Beaverton has decarli. I hope enough patrons frequent it to keep it alive, because Beaverton needs a classy place like this. With so many large chain restaurants serving re-heated frozen entrees (ala Applebees) it is refreshing to find a restaurant that prides itself on fresh and ...
overpriced food for the very poor standard, steak was overcooked undersized and dry and tasteless, the chips were well below standard. The shrimp was out of a packet and going stale. my partner ordered the shrimp and and salad and again the shrimp was stale. way over priced for one of the worse meal...
I my God. Those night people are so damn great! Funny, helpful, and always smiling!. I love to see the care about our food.
3 star(s)
My wife and me had heard of this little place from friends and decided to try it out on a non busy evening. So we decided on a a Thursday. We were seated right away in a large room. It felt like an auditorium but soon it was filling up and it seemed more cozy. It took several minutes for a serve...
4 star(s)
Wonderful food. The steak was perfect and they have the best crab cakes I have ever tried. Coconut curry with mango salsa and fresh crab cakes awesome!
1 star(s)
Food was decent and typical subway fare, but manager was yelling, yes yelling, at a customer when I entered and when I suggested that she stop because it was disturbing me and others, she yelled at me to leave. Possibly the worst subway experience I've had in more than 15 years of being a custome...
I'm a big fan of Chang's! Ever since I was born Chang's has been my all time favorite resturant. Growing up I loved watching them cook my food. So if you have kids this is a great place to get them easily entertained. Oh and the best thing is that they have complementary ice cream and fortune cookie...
5 star(s)
Every time I am in town, I make sure to stop by Sushi Boat for a bite to eat. The sushi is always fresh. The restaurant features a moving waterway, on which plates of sushi and various other items float on little 'boats'. You just grab the items that you want, and at the end of the meal the waitres...