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5 star(s)
inventive menu ,good service. one of the few restaurants that figured out how to meet guest expectations in new rochelle
When trading stories with fellow travellers about dining experiences around the world, I tell of the unique and wonderful meal I had in Montecelio, Italy, at Spadaro Ristorante. It was like eating in my grandmother's cucina. In addition to being a maestro in the kitchen, Antonio Spadaro was an exce...
5 star(s)
The Waterfront is an amazing restaurant! The service, the food, and the atmosphere is great. The baby back ribs are to-die-for, and so is the balboa! They just underwent some renovations during September-October. On a nice night, the outdoor seating area is great. The staff is very friendly, and is ...
5 star(s)
Cute little place with great warm friendly service. My only complaint would be the wine list. Good wine but not enough choices
4 star(s)
This modest but attractive wine bar is a welcome addition to the local restaurant scene. Run by a delightful couple who share the duties, he with the food and she with the wait staff, Gnarly Vine offers some excellant appetizers and modest main dishes to go with their wine list. The list itself is r...
The best Italian food in New Rochelle. Owners are hands-on, make you feel at home and the product is consistent. You would pay almost double in Manhattan for this quality.
5 star(s)
With all things aside, food is great, service is great, ambiance is great, kids are always welcomed. This restaurant is the closest thing to family than being with your own family in your own home kitchen.
4 star(s)
Great place to eat and relax by the water. The service is excellent and the food is great. I stongly recommend it.
5 star(s)
Great Pizza, Different but still good. and they sell other great food there. Check it out
the food was really good
We had lousy service from our waitress and the gratuity was automatically included. I would not have left her 15% because she didn't deserve it. My friend waited longer than everyone else and never got his meal. The meal he initially wanted was not available either according to our waitress. This is...
I had an excellent time during my birthday party. The meal was excellent, and the hostess was very patient and friendly. the service I received was really great. My friends and family enjoyed themselves, and they too are planning their next big event at Juliano's
3 star(s)
I have been eating at the Mirage for years. It is good for a quick relatively cheap meals, and haute cuisine is not to be expected. Some of the wait staff is nice (the younger ones) and the rest are just doing a job. This is very much the New York diner culture. I found the first review interesting...
5 star(s)
I really got excited to see so many new places on Division Street in downtown New Rochelle. I was dazzled by this cute little bistro with an outdoor patio. I had the eggs benedict and they were to die for!
5 star(s)
So excited about this place! Awesome Manhattan Style in New Rochelle. I enjoyed Stuffed French toast in the outdoor patio. Coffee plain but really fresh! I had a great book with me and feel like my day is going great, I love eating outside! The waitress was so sweet she really gave everyone sitting ...
5 star(s)
This place is great. The staff are very nice and accommodating to every need. I read a bad review and really wonder what the point was of posting negative info about such a wonderful place. The outdoor patio is huge, they made chicken fingers for my son even though it's not on the menu. The food was...
Excellent Food. Supberb friendly service. Very affordable.Fantastic choices.Eating is an unforgettable happy experience.
My boyfriend and I got a menu in the mail and figured we try it. The woman on the phone was extremly nice and polite. When we recieved the food in a short amount of time we couldnt believe how good it was. Great food, cant wait to order it again!!!Great prices also.
The Best indian Resataurant in Tri state Area. Good Authentic food, Clean and Vibrant decor, Good professional service. Overall classy>
good service and friendly ,food very good nice place.