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I enjoy food at Uncle Bills Sub shop and loovee it.Love the cooks and the other guest eating there.Keep on cooking my goooood buddies.I love Ted Jones and the Tar Heel Boys on Thurday nights. Thank you my gooood friends Frances and Boot
5 star(s)
Cookout generally has very good services already but this Selma location shines from all the rest. We had a bunch of people jammed into our minivan that were indecisive and the server could not have been more patient. I felt the pain of what he had to go through to take out orders and still when w...
I WAS a long time diner here but @ lunch today I got a sub (as usual) and got half way through it and found a long hair, when I took the meal back up to the desk and told them what I had found they just offered me another sandwich instead of a refund. They all need to wear hair nets!!!! Who would wa...
We are a business and tried to call in a lunch orders to be picked up. Both times ( two diffent days) we tried , the person that answered the phone said they were too busy to take our order.....imagine that in a time when lay offs are prevalent, money short, business closings etc. ....I guess we al...