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5 star(s)
I came to this restaurant with my girlfriend. I am Dominican and she is Canadian. I was looking for a place just like this to hopefully show her how good dominican food is since i'm not the best chef. I have to say the food tasted like my mothers cooking it was very good. We even danced to a few so...
5 star(s)
I am a Dominican mother from NJ and I have to say that having this little restaurant close to my new apartment is a blessing. When I am too tired to cook I go with my family here. I just hope that they don't start liking this food better than mines. The place is not fancy but they have background mu...
5 star(s)
I was very delighted with the delicious food and fresh juices!!!
i was pleasantly surprised to find a true jamaican restaurant in north carolina.jamaica paradise has a true caribbean feel. we recieved wonderful service. this restaurants food was good and flavorful. so far i only tried 2 dishes. the oxtails and brown stew chicken. i will return to the restaurant t...
I've visited this restaurant several times. It's so good to me that I've recommended and have invited and brought along at least a total of 10 of my friends. It was my first time eating Jamaican and I fell in love with it.
5 star(s)
The food was awesome and the hospitality outstanding. I sampled a soup made with chick peas and it was incredible. I'm not familiar with the neighborhood but everyone seemed very friendly and inviting.
5 star(s)
The food was amazing tried almost everything on the menu during the summer and being in college its reasonable pricing. I loved my experience looking forward to many more
2 star(s)
I will first say I am from NY the Bronx to be exact where there is a Dominican restaurant in every neighborhood. The Carribean Cafe could not hold a candle to them. I ordered takeout. My order was for Pernil (roast pork), platanos maduros (sweet plaintains & arros con gandules). The plaintains were...
2 star(s)
Old pork has a very distinct repugnant flavor- you can certainly find it at this place. Stopped in for the especiales diarios (lunch specials) and orderd the Masita de cerdo frita (fried pork chunks)- Bad choice! Pork was old, tasted horrible, no Latin flavor or seasonongs and worst of all, it wasn'...
1 star(s)
Awful place, Poor Service, bad food and terrible atmosphere. Went there last night; the place doesn't have proper ventilation, so all the smoke and smell from the kitchen gets into the dining area and lingers there making it a very smelly event. The service is horrible, the waiter messed up my wif...