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4 star(s)
Saratoga Grill is a quaint little restaurant located in the upper lever of a building in downtown Hillsborough. The decor is nice but nothing spectacular. And although the service was a bit dry, my experience here on a Tuesday night was overall a pleasant one. Before our entrees arrived we were serv...
5 star(s)
I Want to thank Kelsey's for catering our Christmas Dinner at J.J. Henderson Center in Durham, N.C. on December 17th 2011. The food was great and everyone loved it. I will make sure that our next event will be catered by you. Again thank you for a job well done and great food. You are the best K...
4 star(s)
This place is great if you're looking for a quick, cheap filling lunch. The people behind the counter are always very friendly and the service is fast. They have lots of Greek food and also some vegetarian options. The ambience is definitely not good if you're on a date, but it's fine if you're just...
4 star(s)
We have heard this place had the best pizza in Hillsborough so we decided to give this place a try. Since this is the first pizza restaurant I've been to in Hillsborough, I can't say for sure that it is the best but it's darn good. Their garlic knots are even better!
They recently changes owners since December and the service and food was good. We were there for breakfast and they made our breakfast to order. Overall a good breakfast or lunch place for a quick meal.
5 star(s)
Yeah so what if this place is in a parking lot. Boy the hotdogs are good! It's a messy dog but when you sink your teeth into it the hot melted cheeze all mixed up with the chili sure makes for one great tasting hot dog. They even have a drive thru window so you can get your hotdog fixing in a hurry.
dont go!!!!!!!!! very poor quality, lowes food found them searching thru there trash for produce. yuck!!!!!
4 star(s)
We like to come here after church sometimes, and we're never dissapointed. My mom thinks that their ice cream sundaes are the best, and my dad and I think that the malts are great. Along with their ice cream, they also have milk, which I also like very much. This is a nice mom & pop's place to go if...