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4 star(s)
I have found the delivery to be consistent at 30-40 minutes. The food is average, but that's ok for takeout and delivery.
3 star(s)
First let me say, I rarely complain. I have worked in restaurants and definitely appreciate how hard of a job dealing with the public can be. I have dined at Jade three times. The first time it was excellent. The second time it was just bad. I ordered a Mojito with vodka. The server explained t...
5 star(s)
great food, good service.
4 star(s)
The food is delicious and comes in large portions. Delivery is hit or miss (once it took over an hour and half, twice they were at my door within 25 minutes, so it's a bit of a toss up.) The place itself appears to be a total dump, so I'd recommend either delivery or pick up if you want to enjoy you...
5 star(s)
All I can say is that the food is good.
5 star(s)
Simply the best. Flavor is the best I've found anywhere. It's always fresh and hot, prepared just for you. And you can have things altered if you want (hold the mushrooms, add extra broccoli, make it mild or extra spicy). Service is fast and friendly. Owner (Mr. Leng) is always on-site. Nearby ...
5 star(s)
It has become our favorite Sushi place.
5 star(s)
Jade is a great sushi restaurant. It has become one of the favorites among my group of friends. The sushi is very fresh and the other dishes on the menu are also good. It also has a great ambiance. I would not however, recommend as a restaurant to bring children.