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Overall the food was delicious & reasonable & most of all there was no long wait. It's just that our waiter never smiled the whole time. Then there was some guy who was in there that was really into the game (shouting.But other than that great place to eat.
5 star(s)
First time to Dixie's Tavern was a delightful experience. The food was awesome, the service was excellant and I had enough left over for next day's lunch. Drink specials were really tasty and plentiful. If you want a good time and great food, check out Dixie's Tavern.
In just a few words, this a great place. Family friendly, great food, and service. Menu has an wide variety of choices, daily home-cooked specials, and breakfast is served anytime of the day. I love breakfast.
5 star(s)
I moved here about a year ago and Dixie's Tavern was one of the first places I came to eat dinner and have drinks at. I love this place! It always has the best food and dinner/drink specials. The staff is fun and very friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone, whether you are just stopping in...
Bad food - It is obvious they are cutting corners the food was not of very high quality for the price. We spent $90 for two including tip not worth it. The show was good much better than the food.
Bartenders and waitress staff very professional . Bartender, Meredith was very capable. She was friendly while managing quite a lot of work. She had a friendly smile on her face the entire night.
I think that this bar is horriable ive NEVER got such bad service anywhere. i waited 20 mins just to get myne and my boyfriends dirnks (and it wasnt even busy there was like 3 tables in there.) and the worst part was that the waitress Stanton or something weird like that procede to flirt with my boy...
We waited 47 minutes for a table. I spoke to the manager and he told me if they seated us at that moment that our service would be no good! Wrong thing to say. We did not see a hostess for 40 of those minutes. Manager said she was bussing tables. He should have been a hostess. All in all we were...