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5 star(s)
If you are looking for the ritz, skip Greenwich Time. If you are looking for an authentic family owned very cool local downtown pub, this is the place. Your grandmother, on her best day, couldn't make meals this good and she probably would have charged more than what Greenwich Time charges. Great cu...
5 star(s)
A friend suggested we go to Greenwich Time for lunch, he works downtown and goes there sometimes with friends. We got there 5-10 minutes before it opened at noon, doors still locked, and the family-friendly staff let us in. In my opinion it was average food, but a good price and friendly service, ou...
5 star(s)
My wife and I just moved from Detroit to Southern Arizona. I enjoy Tucson, but I really miss places like Greenwich Time. I doubt you can find a better burger anywhere, the chicken salad is made in house daily, and the potato salad is perfect. Greenwich Time is a family place that treats people right...
5 star(s)
Greenwich rocks. The family owned staff is awsome. Fridays are eventfull and on special occasions they throw partys with their own signature DJ.
"I've been going to Greenwich Time for 30 yrs + and have never had a bad meal or drink." It really has been that long since Paul Borg sold the place ? I know for years the bar was called Borg's and a hangout for Greyhound employees.
5 star(s)
This is Detroit's best secret that needs to be let out of the bag. Mike, Nika, Dana and Harry are great people. I go there every Wednesday for the famous spaghetti and on Fridays after work and I have never had a bad experience. The prices are way reasonable, it's a great place to get fed and dru...
5 star(s)
I love this little downtown pub. Food is great and the workers treat you like family. This is the Cheers of Detroit. The Fiesta Fridays are so great I cannot get over the fact that the owner still appreciates his customers and gives away food to make a true happy hour. WOW such a delight!!
5 star(s)
I was in town for the auto show and just happened to walk in on this hidden little gem of a place. The barmaid Nika was really informative and made me feel right at home. the food was so good at such a low price. I also drank a $1.50 mug of beer. the burger was really juicy and delicious. i have...
We had an absolute wonderful time here. The food was great as was the service. There were some children here which was fine. I just prefer an all adult setting when I'm going out in the evening. We'll certainly go back.
5 star(s)
I've been going to Greenwich Time for 30 yrs + and have never had a bad meal or drink. Harry's spaghetti on Wednesday and everyday a different soup (homemade)and fresh everyday Chicken Salad to die for. If you are lucky to be their when Nika makes her tocco's now thats a treat, and after work Mich...
5 star(s)
Great family owned bar with a homely feeling. Definetly challenges for the best burger around. The best tuna melt I've ever had. Never a wait for a table during lunch and the service is very fast. Great low key place to watch the tigers game on the big screen and grab the cheapest/coldest beer down...
5 star(s)
This great downtown pub has a warming welcoming atmosphere. The waitress Nika has a wonderful smile and such a cheerful personality. The food is served homemade its simply amazing how fast it is served. I eat here on my lunch break and have time to spare. The cook and owner has not changed in over 5...
5 star(s)
This place has the best burger in Detroit, maybe even the world! The plasma tv in the bar area is a perfect place for watching the tigers at a more low key environment without loud blasting music. Also a perfect place to grab lunch during work. They have the best Tuna sandwich I have ever had. I als...