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5 star(s)
After calling around for over an hour I was finally able to find a restersunt that delivers. The pizza was fantastic ad faster than all of their pizza competitors. They even agreed to deliver outside their delivey zone for us! The pizza was very fresh and they use top-notch fresh ingredients. I high...
5 star(s)
The food is fantastic! You have so many choices! Delivery is perfect and always on time. I had a party and ordered food from the restaurant. everyone loved it. i plan to order again. thank you guys
4 star(s)
The thin crust pizza is the best around the area. Pizza dough is very good and the sauce is great. Fresh ingredients make this the best pizza around.
Clarkston East Ocean Chinese Restaurant ..... Look for a 15 % off coupon for carry out orders on their website.
Being that I often dine alone sometimes it is hard to find a restaurant that it feels like home and I don't just feel uncomfortable.Besides the restaurant, which is very nice, My server Matt was delightful and friendly. I actually felt like he was a friened. He recommended the lake perch and a fanta...
1 star(s)
The food was marginal, and the service was terrible, and downright insulting. -- We were not given water or any kind of drink with our meal until it was almost over. -- Empty plates accumulated and only picked up at the end of the meal. -- And most importantly, the staff insulted my family. ...
5 star(s)
Good food...Nice atmosphere...Quality is great but quantities on carryouts could be improved.