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Every time I go there I am so happy that I am eating there because the food is so wonderful. It just retains the taste for a long tikme and it is so very good.
It is an amazing restaurant. I love the setting and people there plus the food is delicious! Great place for family dining! Elegance=LOVE
4 star(s)
Our entire family, three generation, loves this restaurant! We've ordered all kinds of things and have never been disappointed. Favorites are the steaks and the shrimp appetizer!
great food but get there early before it gets to smoky! :-/
I've lived in Brownsburg for 16 years and had never been to Elegance. Got a coupon off of for $25 off of $35 bill. First of all, it is very difficult to spend $35 for 3 people. We managed to do it by buying higher priced items and a couple of desserts. The food was so so. The dessert...
2 star(s)
We decided to meet with our best friends for our anniversary dinner tonight at 6:30. At 7:30 the waitress asked us to pass the salt and pepper to check before the evening's closing. Then she, proceeded to start sweeping by our table at 8. We asked her what time the restaurant closed, and she...
2 star(s)
I ordered the seafood broil ($19.99). I recieved 2 over-cooked shrimp (I could only choke down 1), a small chunk of Mahi-Mahi about half the size of a deck of cards (it was BAD fish,rotten), 3 sea scallops that were either half or thirds of a whole scallop. and a 2" diameter crab cake which was edib...
Elegance has an extensive menu at a reasonable price. But since their remodeling several regulars have opted to go to Flap Jacks their sister restaurant also in Brownsburg. The ambiance at Elegance is not as friendly as Flap Jacks who works very hard to please the customer. Elegance has an ad in the...