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5 star(s)
I would have never thought to eat at a restaurant in a hotel until I purchased a gift certificate from Restaurant.Com. When you are waiting in line for over an hour to dine I would suggest driving to the Crowne Hotel and dining at The Landing. Earl was our favorite waiter always fun and polite. M...
5 star(s)
One of Indianapolis' best kept little secrets. The service and atmosphere are perfect for those that love comfort food. The employees are helpful and courteous. It is a truck stop with a diner that is worth going out of the way to visit. Meatloaf is available on Thursdays (and it is to die for). Lun...
What a great experience we had. I took my family here to eat and enjoyed my time there. We ordered pizza(always delicious) and my daughter was able to have fun in the play room. She had so much fun she didnt want to leave. I would so suggest this place to my friends and family. I love Gallagher's...
The food is excellent. There is a German Buffet evry Wednesday that is outstanding. You have the opportunity to sample a number of German dishes or you may order from the Menu. Either way , you get great food and pleasant surroundings. .
5 star(s)
VERY GOOD FOOD!!! Friendly staff and the owner comes to your table to make sure your meal is perfect!
5 star(s)
While it looks like a fast food burger place on the outside, the family run restaurant has excellent Philippine food!
I have been going to this place for years...The food and service has been consistently great. It is flavorful and fresh. Many Chinese Buffets have dried out chicken but not this place! The chicken has always been moist and flavorable! Last of all I find the place very affordable.
2 star(s)
The most recent and probably last time I went there my girlfriend & i had a very unprofessional experience. They recently consolidated their menu & took the buffalo chicken pizza away. We asked the kitchen manager if we could still order it & he said of course, just ask for it. So we go there with a...
Great place to come with friends or on a date Pretty cool sushi joint here with half-priced sushi on Monday and $6 Martinis. I really like the atmosphere. If you sit at the bar you can watch them make sushi and you get really enthusiastic service. If you don't want to sit at the bar you should prob...
4 star(s)
So-so service made up for by tremendous food! Okay, let's begin with the cons. The service wasn't the best I've ever experienced. It was a little inconsistent, like the servers were overwhelmed, but the place wasn’t all that busy. The menu is also a little confusing, offering no pictures or descr...
Good food and big portions This is a tasty, casual restaurant that's always nice to go to. The dining room is well decorated with paintings on the walls and a tree in the corner at Christmas time. The steaks are a little expensive, but all of the other food is well priced and the portions are eno...
3 star(s)
It seems like every other time i go they get my order wrong. I like the food but its getting annoying to drive home and then finding out that my meal is wrong and then having to drive back to get the right meal.
Food is fantastic you get a good feel for the Greek islands!
Everyone should try Great China Buffet. I travel abroad and used to chinese foods, this one come close to be an Asian foods. Good foods and they have a great selection of foods too. I love it.
5 star(s)
I thought the food was hot and fresh. The employees were friendly, and the place had a fun, retro atmosphere. It makes me wonder about the legitimacy of the other reviews on this site. Also, the bathrooms were spotless. I will definitely be back.
4 star(s)
Wife & I had tenderloin and burrito. Both excellent. Place was VERY loud, hard to think. Not geared to us older folks but 20s thru 40s will get great value for your dollar.
5 star(s)
The atmosphere is fantastic. The employees are always quick to say hello and the managers are always nearby. Feels like Cheers, where everybody knows your name!
5 star(s)
Great food and pleasant people. Had dinner and a lunch buffet and all was great!
5 star(s)
My entire family enjoys the Sushi House on Fox Rd. My husband and 2 daughters love the sushi (Volcano and Alaska rolls are favorites). My father loves the beef udon and my mother tries something new every time we go. My mother-in-law loved the teriyaki salmon.
5 star(s)
This place (and it's sister location on Pendleton Pike) is our favorite place to go, and not just for the Mexican food. The Cuevas Family are great people, and the quality and value of the food has never disappointed. The largest Chile Relleno I have seen, and the Burrito Toluca has beef, chicken ...