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DIRT CLOD IN MY HOT AND SOUR SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE......... On March 1st, 2013 my boyfriend and I went to Buffett City around 7:30pm. I LOVE CHINESE food and so does my boyfriend. We have been to this Buffett City between 10 - 15 times together and never had a complaint about the food, outside t...
I'm pretty sure this other diner fellow made up a story about Cheddar's, and no, I'm not an employee. I am a fan of Cheddar's though, and for good reason. They provide excellent food, equivalent to that of Applebee's but for an even lower price, and the service is great. Every place has a bad ser...
Privately owned; wonderful homemade entrees and especially soups! Super service and a welcoming attitude. Not at all your average chain cuisine. Lounge and wait staff are exceptional and the owners are always at the door to greet you warmly!
If I could give this restaurant less than one star I would. Cleaniness was not there number one concept. My friend and I were seated next to screaming kids and had to spend part of the time blocking our ears. When I finally got my drink (water) after waiting for 20 minutes - there was dirt float...
This is one of the cities best kept secrets. People who like Panera and Palmers should try this place instead. Everything is homemade and wonderful unlike the chain food served at the other places.
Very impressed with the wait staff. I was at the bar only so I can't say much about the food other than the appitizers were wonderful. I'm going back tonight to try the food.
We only had the crab rangoons... they were great!! Good price and well stuffed... A+++
I have only one word to say... Cockroach
the food is great the hosts are lazy and the wait staff always wants to leave earily but its the best place to eat in the des moines area!
The service is like a cattle call, hurd you ina get you OUT ASAP! But they forgot the quality of food with the speed. My wife ordered the lean steak on the menu and I ordered the Large cut of prime rib. When she cut into her steak, it was like cutting into a fatty pieced of meat. It was awful. My cu...