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5 star(s)
in Northwood
I went to work at the viking as a cook shortly after the Wongs sold to Chuck Hansen. Chuck kept the Thursday fish fry tradition going as long as i worked there and beyond, i also remember prep-ing tubs and tubs of onion ...
Taco Johns
1 star(s)
in Des Moines
The oles we got were hard as a brick and could not be ate
we ate there in august and ate outside.the food was excellent and so was the service.
5 star(s)
in Ames
Who knew this subway in a small town would be a hidden gem! We have been to various subways all across US and overseas but this one would easily rank one of best. I left it to the staff to select the sauces, the sub was...
Front Street Brewery
5 star(s)
in Davenport
Great wings. Great beer. Friendly quick service.
The food at the Taj Mahal is delicious. On the weekends, you can have a buffet-style meal, which ends up being both wonderfully tasty and affordable. None of the food is too spicy. They offer several types of vegetarian ...
1 star(s)
in North Liberty
My first visit to Palms and my last. All in one night. Restaurant was freezing cold and my group had to dine with our coats on. Food was totally inedible and when pointed out to the owner, no other menu item was offer...
Firehouse Brewery
5 star(s)
in Red Oak
We loved our experience at the Firehouse. Our service was exceptional, and our waitress, Bonnie, was an angel sent from heaven.
This place is horrible,the place is dirty and smells like spoiled milk and the rudest people I have ever had to deal with.Will never return and suggest that nobody waste their time
Buffet City
1 star(s)
in Clive
DIRT CLOD IN MY HOT AND SOUR SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE......... On March 1st, 2013 my boyfriend and I went to Buffett City around 7:30pm. I LOVE CHINESE food and so does my boyfriend. We have been to this Buffett City be...

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