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5 star(s)
I simply loved the Cala Bar & Grill. As a neighborhood spot, the food was fantastic. I love the decor (right out of Cali), and every time I have gone there when they have a band, the band is FANTASTIC. Thank you Cala Bar & Grill
5 star(s)
These guys do a great job. Make you feel at home, cook great original recipe cuisine. The outdoor patio has been added and is a great place to relax after the work day. My wife and I highly recommend. Been going for years.
This is a great place to frequent. I went to a private party and totally enjoyed the food, the service and the ambience. I live right around the corner and passed it a thousand times and would have never stopped. Now I stop in after work or order take out. It is just that nice. I swore the waiter wa...
4 star(s)
Cala-Bar & Grill has extremly good service. GREAT FOOD, and excellent mananagement. A four STAR restaraunt! Has fantastic entertainment.LIVE bands. A must visit!!!!! Ask for Lance. Main Server.. This guy really looks like T.I. LOL
5 star(s)
I and my family (when all five kids were still living at home) have been going to Colossus for almost 25 years. The food and service were fabulous then, and they still are today. Great salads, great sandwiches, and great pizza; what more can I say.
5 star(s)
Amazingly good food. We never miss going on our annual trip to GA.
I've been going there for years. The staff and owners (and patrons) are friendly. It's a casual place, so relax. And I've had some unexpectly good specials there (not always German). The usual regular menu items are consistent and good.
5 star(s)
This place has delicious food and great service. If you like Greek salad or Mediterranean style pizza, this place is a must! My co-workers and I go about once a week for lunch.
We had to wait 30 minutes to get a drink and only after contacting the manager. Then we ordered drinks and dinner and had to wait over an hour for the food. While we were waiting we looked in the dessert cases and saw roaches crawling around. When brought to the attention of the manager, he just shr...
5 star(s)
They have the best food. It's hard to find gyros unless you go to the mall. Very convenient!