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5 star(s)
My husband and I love this place. Employees are really nice and the food is good and so reasonably priced. Food presentation is done well too! They have cut their hours to dinner only during the week days. We were bummed as this was our favorite lunch place :(
4 star(s)
Food is very good and servers are very nice. We've already gone back once since our first visit and I'm sure we'll keep going! My kids love the shrimp puffs w/ peanut sauce they put on the table while you're waiting for your meal.
they are okay but they are not really Cuban.
Cajun Oysters... AMAZING! Relaxed atmosphere generous servers and affordable prices. Will be back soon.
Food was plentiful, but a bit over cooked. Drinks tasted watered down and the benh we sat at had something poking me every time I shifted my weight.
Excellent seafood-try the scallops!! Fried or broiled and LARGE. Large portions-excellent price.Friendly staff.
4 star(s)
Great food, good portions, very friendly and attentive service. We loved it, have gone back several times. Always great!
Cashier was nice, but the person preparing the food was not nice. I was made to wait for a long time for a personal pan pizza that had green sides (looked like molded bread) . The cook advised me that this was iron and it was good for me!
We've been eating here since it opened. No other Mexican restaurant compares! It's excellent!
4 star(s)
Service average but food is outstanding!
It ain't gourmet and it ain't posh but oh my gosh, we LOVE Charlie's Original Oyster King! We love the food (the fried shrimp, the fried perch, the French fries, and Charlie's special Oysters are outstanding!)and we love the ambience of the place, a sort of Southern fish camp meets family sports ...
Man I love this place! The food is fantastic and the prices are unbelievable for what you get. It's split into two sides so the restaurant side is family oriented and the bar side has games and pool tables. Definately the best place in Acworth for seafood...especially fried shrimp and oysters!
The place is a dive but a great place to eat. Service is always good and the people are great. The best seafood place in acworth.
This used to be a great Thai food place, but no longer! The service is the worst I've ever had, and they even had the back door open during the middle of winter and we froze during our meal. They forgot to bring my husband's Rama King meal after we waited patiently. Then they said, Oh, do you sti...
4 star(s)
We first ate at Hong Kong Star on Friday and it was so good and the people were so friendly that we went again the following Monday. Portions are fantastic for the price and the menu isn't limited. We had Mango Chicken and General's Chicken on Friday and Curry Chicken,General's Chicken along with Lo...
Please allow me to say,this was the absolute worst chinese food I've ever partially eaten.We ordered delivery and thought we had a bargain when we opened the containers.However soon realized what we thought were rather large shrimp were actually loads of batter drenching bite sized shrimp.I was char...
A little pricey for dinner but has great lunch menue with 3 courses , quality food and good service. Also try the new Grand Asian Buffet next to Best Buy in Acworth, at this time it is top of the line quality on the weekends very rare for a buffet.
It is amazing as always. I am a regular, have been for 15 years! Love it!
I love this restaurant!!! What a friendly place to eat and, the food is fantastic! It's a come as you are environment, it's family owned and operated. The outside isn't the the best looking but it's comfortable and all about that great fried shrimp and King special oysters!