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We ordered the lunch Trio, was cold, without flavor, over cooked pasta, so dissaponting for an italian restaurant, while I was eating it I thought was own for not Italian people that just wanted to have an Italian Restaurant, then someone told me that is own by the D'amico Family (italian name)well ...
I have eaten here numerous times and have never had a bad meal. The wait is a bit long but worth it. Try the captains platter!!!
I have been a patron of the Aqua Terra for some time now, the food is to die for, the staff is always friendly. I would rate them a 5 out of 5 any day. St
This is a small convenience store but big ON CHARACTER! The breakfast & deli sandwiches are always delicious and affordable, and the service is TOP notch. Perhaps gone are the days of service with a smile, but not this place. The staff is always friendly. They treat you like family and go out of...
We went for New Year's Eve. The hostess was kind of rude and the bartender wasn't the friendliest person either. Our waitress was wonderful and the food was fanatastic, however we had to wait forever. It ususally takes a while for your food but this was ridiculous. But it was New Year's Eve so I...
4 star(s)
Dairy Queen is too small but the food is terrific! I wish there was another one so that you wouldn't have to stand in line for 40 minutes in 90 degree heat to get served, no umbrellas! But I love Dairy Queen so do my grandkids - can't be the experience!
great deli, wonderful food and good prices. The girls that work there are awesome
Food was always respectable when the order is processed correctly. On 2 occasions we had wrong pizza provided, on 3rd occasion, they had no record of our call for take-out, and offered no concession when we then had to wait :30 minutes on site. The final straw was waiting with my family in the l...
Acceptable late-night pizza when nothing else of higher quality is open. Bland pan pizza with second-tier ingredients, but affordable prices and free delivery. There's probably 5 better pizzas in Plainville at 8pm, but come midnight - it's either Elvis or Wendy's...
Good Italian deli, down sides are a long wait, lack of availability of listed menu items, even when slow. Prices are low for the portions, and the food is good.
I phoned in an order to be picked up, I called at 11:00 when they opened and they said it would be over an hour wait as their ovens were already full!! I placed the order anyway- I had ordered 3 grinders and one calzone. When I arrived an hour later, my order was not ready. I still had to wait 15 m...
4 star(s)
Overall, Dairy Queen is great. the ice cream is out of this world!
I feel that the Pralines that I go to all the time is overall a great place to eat. The kid friendliness and positive attitude of the employees is great. I find it great that they are always nice about you changing your order and are not snappy.
After hearing so much about this restaurant I decided to take a friend there for her birthday. as soon as we reached the door there was this old lady that was extremely RUDE !! well we sat and ordered by the way the waitress was very nice, but that thing at the front door has TO GO !! food was ok i ...
West Main isn't as good as it used to be and back then is wasn't that good. So don't go there uness you're in a hurry. In my opinion Elvis Pizza is better. Never new albanians made good pizza.
Food is always wonderful and fresh. The deserts are too die for. We had a chocholate torte with white chocholate and cheese filling - yumm! The specials and ladies nights pricing are fabulous - huge portions for a great price. We have all of our family get togethers here. The service staff are great...
1 star(s)
Pizza wasn't great but good. Kinda stale like its been made a week ago but good out of the microwave. It is cheap so don't expect a lot.
2 star(s)
dammit the food wasn't the one I craved for. absolute crappy... sorry!!
4 star(s)
the food was crap and you could get better pizza out of your oven. but the delivery guy was smokin hot.
I brought my sister in law and family to this restaurant on 8/5/08. It was suppose to be a pleasant reunion experience since we had not seen them in two years. The service was bad at the start. The hostess did not say hello and just showed us out table and left. We had to get our own menu and th...