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Portofino's is the finest Italian restaurant in the state hands down! The food the service are second to none
Portofinos is the by far the BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT in Connecticut!! My husband and I and our family always have such a really delicious pizza, shrimp scampi, clam sauce etc.,just like we used to have in Brooklyn. So glad my boss recommended this restaurant!!
Great to see the place open again. Friendly, clean, good food, great prices. We're certain with the great location the bar and grill will thrive.
I love Baltic; there food is fantastic...and coming from a New Britain Polish girl, I've had a lot of experience. Their food is good, but a little on the expensive side. However, I recommend this place.
Absolutely worst polish food ever:overpriced and not representing Polish heritage.Not recomended at all (and this comes from a Polish guy).
5 star(s)
Amazing this place is the best chinese pace in the world, (they sell fries and chicken wings) no place can beat it.!!!
I came all the way from Florida and enyojed the best meal of my LIFE with my family at Portofino's Restaurant in Connecticut. I can't wait to visit my family again :D
my name is jean and i was in bellas last night and our waiter shawn was the best i seen in a long time. he was very professional and polite.. my family and i have been coming there for years and by far its the best sevice we had.. i like to thank you for that and the food was great.. next time we co...
One thing that I liked about Baltic was the Gowumpki's. When I brought them home I just added some hot sauce on them.Usually Tabasco or Louisiana hot sauce.Sometimes I swing by and pick some up.Their cabbage tastes very fresh and not previouslly frozen.
Cool bar to go to, to just sit down and relax. And also you can get to know some people in there.Qiute a few regulars that come down too.
4 star(s)
Great delivery, very friendly. When we order Chinese take-out, this is our place.
Been eating there for years. outstanding food and service.
Sooo Much for your buck! Anybody that has been there knows what I mean. The food is always delicious. Their (talapia) is a home run, salads fantastic, so are the appetizers. Service is great. For that buck, you get enough for the night and enough to bring home and eat the next day. Cant beat that.
1 star(s)
I swear there General Tso's Chicken is made of cat food...
I've been to Baltic Restaurant a number of time and have always been pleased with the food. The portions are fairly large - we always take food home. Their potato pancakes are outstanding, large, golden and crispie (although the last 2 times we went, they could have been hotter). I usually get th...