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I love coming to Francescos for the great music, the Italian food, the cocktails and the overall experience. If you haven't been to Francesco's you better go there soon!!
Hey come and try it out I miss connecticut and this was a great pleasure to experence! They are great:) Larry
Just came back from the Plainville one.Save your $$ & go to a pizza place if you crave a pasta dinner ,it will cost you 1/3 of the $$ and will taste better.Wil not be going back.No salad with your $13.00 pasta dinner?What kind of crap is that?? Meatballs suck!
I ate most of my life in this restaurant starting with when it was a tiny little place where they cooked pasta behind the bar on a hot plate! Their sauce is the best there is. Wish I still lived in Ct. so I could go there more than once or twice a year!
I'm a HUGE fan of Francesco's. It's by far my favorite Italian food in Hartford!
5 star(s)
After working a hard day at a high end formal restaurant, I love bellying up to a rustic comfortable bar with a nice cold Stella. Although I don't know what nights are like, lunch is relaxing. A friendly staff knows when to chat with you and when not to. It feels like "home."
A great restaurant, with a great atmosphere. The spaghetti sauce is the best that I have ever had. The pizzas are outstanding as well. This restaurant is a Hartford landmark, as well as an asset to the south end of Hartford. Good job.
You have to have the shrimp scampi pizza. It is a little pricey, but well worth it. I travel from Stratford to Hartford (60 miles) just for one of these pies. Next time up there, I'll take one home to freeze.