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3 star(s)
I had a cheeseburger pizza which was amazing. The service was awful. Those who work there need to be replaced with people who like their jobs/care about the customers.
4 star(s)
Best calzones in town. Go there twice a week for calzones and pizza. Love their meat lover's pizza. Highly recommended!
1 star(s)
Just ordered 2 grinders to go and the 1/2 turkey had 1 slice of turkey and 6 small pepper strips. I had asked for pickles and there were 4 small little slices. I don't visit there often since my partner doesn't like the pizza. I could go to Subway and get a better sandwich for less $$$ Won't retu...
4 star(s)
This restaurant was highly recommended by a good friend. I have to say, it was a great experience. The food is very good quality and the value is incredible. All dinners come with soup, salad AND a dessert! Be prepared to be stuffed!
5 star(s)
My favorite Pizza in town!!
Food was costly but good. Will recommend to others.
While you order at the counter and the staff brings your plate over, this little pizza place is great. Long standing tradition in Granby, owner Ralph Johnson keeps his patrons happy. The best grinders in town - especially the meatball!!