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My wife and I take our nice and her two boys there almost every weekend. The food is delicious, always hot, great service form the staff. I definitely recommend the Mazatlan Skillet as it's my favorite breakfast top with truly fresh avocado slices
This is a Mom & Pop organization and they do it right. The Kabob was hot, moist and tender; full of delicious flavor.It is quiet to aid conversation on many topics and I encourage others to have conversations with the Persians there. You know this is a good food when Persian's eat there themselve...
3 star(s)
This is no longer Chinese Express, it is now Called Lucky Café. The food is a little more traditional and the Drive-Thru is convenient. Most of the time very good but occasionally they seem to forget things cooking and get a little over done. Their adverting made some bad choices seemingly to save m...
5 star(s)
LOVE the Smoked Salmon app & the Happy Hour White Truffle oil Fries. Wine flights are also awesome. Great modern ambience. Slow service, kinda the point of a fancy restaurant. $Saving Tip, go for lunch or happy hour. They used to have tons of martinis now only ~10 :(
5 star(s)
A great place for a good breakfast. Great service and the food is delicious!
I just read a couple of the reviews and I was surprised. I have had dinners at Bloom a number of times last year and food was excellent. We did an opentable meal and it was one of the best. I admit it was not the fastest service but I attributed that to taking time to prepare the meal well. I wi...
2 star(s)
My husband and I received a gift certificate to Bloom for Christmas, so last night we decided to go for a nice dinner. Well, let's begin: We arrived and were seated at 6:50. About 5 minutes later the waiter came by to tell use the specials, about 10 more minutes go by and he takes our appetizer...
1 star(s)
In a word, my visit to Bloom was awful. The food was not particularly innovative or inventive, and the prices were ridiculously high given how poor the food was. Physically, the restaurant was in a state of neglect, with a banister hanging halfway off the wall on the stairs near our table. Our wa...
Good food, good service, clean and friendly. I was pleasantly suprised at how well they do there considering the large size of the place. This is one of the better brewery-style restaurants and their meals ($10-15) are quite good, easily justifying the price. Perhaps the cost is kept low by their l...
5 star(s)
I love this place. I eat at this restaurant all the time. The food is great, and well priced. The service there is very friendly. The place has no real "ambiance" to speak of. Its a fairly simple looking restaurant, but it is always busy when i go there and that is for one reason:The food is GREAT!
5 star(s)
Great food! I drive half way across town just to get dinner here. Its healthy and Tastes great! I strongly Reccomend the Wonton soup.
5 star(s)
Excellent place with a relaxed atmosphere, excellent food (they do seafood very well), above average wine list, and the area of the Flatiron's mall is a very nice party of the property with outdoor setting in a village style setting. The specials are usually unique and a nice departure from the menu...