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Best Philly in all of Denver! I gladly go out of my way to get those peppers. The staff is young, but in the years I've been going, it's never been cleaner it seems. The food is astounding. The place is also open alot more than the last 2 owners. Certainly one of my favs!!
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The food is great at the Blue Cow, and the diner and the patio are great, but the service is so slow that it is not worth your time. Today we waited an hour for a chip and guacamole appetizer, and when we asked when we might get it, we received a rude "we're very busy" response, so we walked. We w...
I have lived in the area for 26 years and when Tommy opened it was great, I knew him Personally and he put out some of the best subs. Then the 2 gals took it over and they also Took great pride in what they sold and then about a year and a half ago these 2 kids Bought it and nothing is the same...
Seriously, best subs around. Eat at Tommy's
This is a "best kept secret” mom & pap quick restaurant. The food is HOME MADE and healthy! Beat this Quiznos or Subway…! Or any other fast outfits… I wish would offer delivery and longer ours!