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Hands down best steak and eggs breakfast with the greatest homestyle hot cakes--ever!!!
3 star(s)
Expensive but decent sushi. Space is always clean and service is decent.
5 star(s)
Great restaurant. They have the best schedule and serve anything, any time. (If its on the menu, that is.) Good food, service, and a clean place. Recommend it to any one. You have to be willing to wait, because they are always busy, but it is worth it. Trust me!!!
5 star(s)
I love it. When I walk in its fresh.Love the drinks fresh and tasty.Good service and quick. nice people,may not talk english perfectly but nice:)
5 star(s)
The perfect taste of Cali style, they have california burritos,theres no other mex fast food in town, this is the best, great food and this guys work hard to give the best service, they always busy,they serve breakfast burritos anytime, even late, i love it. The best burrito place in town.
5 star(s)
Excellent food, fresh and tasty. Quick service, very reasonably priced and the burritos are BIG and well-stuffed. Small but tidy eating area. Drive thru keeps pretty busy. Open from 630am to 11pm makes it a great place to get a quick breakfast or to-go breakfast. I took an extra burrito for my as...
1 star(s)
This was the worst food and service I have had in a very long time. I ordered water w/my meal and was charged 1.25. They offered fries for 1.75 and when I ordered chili cheese fries they charged 7.00. When I got home and tried them, they were so awful I tried to call and tell them. Of course, no...
I love this restaurant, I may stray, but I always come back. I had only one negative experience with this location, and they exceeded my expectations for making it right. Now whenever I want to celebrate with a small gathering, I take my freinds or family members there.
2 star(s)
we were told the wait could be as long as 45 min. but after 1hr and 15 min. and some complaining we were finally seated in a room that was full of tables,at this time we were really hungry so while waiting 30 min. for our entree's we were filling up on thier unlimited salad's and by the time our ch...
4 star(s)
Great simple and filling food. A gret value for your money.
5 star(s)
I grew up with Casa Bonita in Little Rock, Arkansas, and even as an adult, it would be my first stop whenever I returned home. I even introduced my children to the delicious sopapillas! I've never been to the Denver location, but I'm sure it is just the same. The arcade, the fortune teller booth, ...
1 star(s)
Expensive food, not tastey and ONLY for children. Save your money and go to McDonalds.
4 star(s)
Casa Bonita is not the place to go for food (though you must purchase a meal for entry). The real draw on Casa Bonita is the entertainment for both adults and especially for children. The free sopapilla are tasty even though they are not as large as in past years...just keep them coming (this...
5 star(s)
I would love to open a casa bonita !!! A restaurant like Denvers in WI Dells would be a smash hit.
5 star(s)
We went with our two young daughters and they loved the atmosphere. We went in the evening and didn't get to experience the entire atmosphere. Would definitely go back.
4 star(s)
Now here is a restaurant for the kids. From the minute you walk in you feel like you just walked into an old mexican village. There is approximately three levels to this restaurant which includes booth in caves and around waterfalls complete with cliff divers. The food is very mild tasting but good....