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5 star(s)
We've been going here for years and love it. Intimate and exotic at the same time plus really good Indian food. Plan on taking some friends there tomorrow night!
5 star(s)
Went to Vin Antico on the recomendation of some friends who just got back from California. It was amazing! It rivals any restaurant in Boston! The food was deliciously fresh and exquisitely presented. The service was warm and friendly. Even the owner introduced herself to us and sent complimentary p...
5 star(s)
My friend and I had dinner there last night and it was fantastic. Family owned - they're all very friendly, the food was great, and we even got a free beer. Definitely worth the trip!
Been going there for over 20 yrs and loved every time.................very friendly and good homemade cooking
I love Thai food, and this food is good Thai food.
The food is always excellent, fresh and innovative. My favorite Thai Restaurant.
Combo king was the greatest food i have ever tasted. The servers were sweet and the portions were great.
5 star(s)
we all loved our meal here and the coupon.
A great place to dine and socialize with friends and family. The Escargot, French Bread and House Salad are scrumptious! Nice place for a romantic evening or to catch up with old friends. I have been eating here for more than 30 years. Bella
Having just been in Italy a few months ago, I've been a bit hesitant to go to any Italian restaurants - esp. those that i've never been to. I have to say - Il Davide did NOT disappoint. I love the host who is all suited up - a tan, older gentlemen who helps ground the place. The interior is pretty...
5 star(s)
I love this place!
We have eaten at Il Davide many times. It is always special and it is definitely our favorite Italian restaurant in San Rafael
5 star(s)
Looove it! All the pretty, yellow, silk flowers on almost every square inch of the restaurant make it REALLY SOMETHING to sit in. I feel like I'm living in a technicolor Disney movie. That being said, the ambience is quiet and nice enough for a date. It's a really unique place to go -- and the ...
5 star(s)
I was in San Rafael area with my friend, and we decide to eat out and found India Village. It has unqiue enviorment and very good food. I had a very good experience.
4 star(s)
Excellent burgers & fries @ a very low price. Next to Trader's Joe's for shopping. Parking is crowded but possoble after 1 pm.