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ALL THE FOOD IS great !!
2 star(s)
this place is the worst, i hate it when i order a meal and they get it wrong, or i ask for king size but i get regular and charged for king sized< also i hate it when i call and no one pick's up the phone, they just let it ring untill the loud fax tone comes on. Worst Burger King
I made reservations at 5pm for dinner for 3 for a sunday. We get there 15 mins before and wait until 5pm. No one shows up. At least the lady who took my reservations when I called on Saturday, at least tell me it's gonna be Filipino time. They lost about 7 grand in business from me. I wanted ...
I have seen a lot of restaurants coming and going over the years in the San Bruno neighborhood, with many Asian restaurants changing hands or simply disappeared. Kobe Sake has been at the current location for over 8 years and still proudly standing 7 nights a week with 5 business days lunches, they ...
1 star(s)
Horrible experience. I waited with my wife and mother for an hour to be seated. We were told the wait would be 20min or less and we were continually passed over by other customers walking in. At first we thought this was due to reservations but when we were leaving I could not help but ask 2 of the ...
1 star(s)
I have never been more insulted then I have at this Burger King. My family & I stop at this restuarant @ 7:25. The door's were lock and the sign stated 12 midnight was the closing time. When I pulled on thre door a employee taped a hand written sign on the door that read" 5/1/07 doors closed @ 8:00...
the fish is the best I have ever had
1 star(s)
Tonight I ordered a chicken and bacon pizza and a side of vegetables. They told me it would be delivered within 45 min-1 hour. An hour and a half later, I called the place to ask them what was going on. She was very rude to me. finally my pizza shows up, and the guy doesn't have the CC receipt f...
We are not a big fan of Don Picos. A lot of other restaurants around are better.
4 Stars the best pizza this side of New York City J&V pizza is the best though Brooklyn Rocks.
Good fish and chips, my favorite in the area. recommended.
Great pizza and salad, family friendly, recommended.
3 star(s)
I was not too impressed with the food or the prices. the coconut shrimp and frieswere acceptable enough but not great. the service was good and the place appeared to be clean.
4 star(s)
We order pizza for delivery from Gabrianas frequently. I would recommend their Pizza.
I have been going to this Restaurant for 25 years. It is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in the area.I really like the enchiladas with mole sauce. The wait can be long especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. I would definitely reccomend it.
4 star(s)
I rate it a good resturants.