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I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to join a dinner party at Michas'. I have since returned to enjoy the great BBQ'd sausage and ribs; meanwhile my wife enjoys trying different plates but always orders her favorite side dish - macaroni and cheese. House red wine is always enjoyable. Loca...
2 star(s)
We went as a group and before we went, I told them that we wanted seperate checks. What they did at the end was tell us their cash register was broken and they had to put everything on one check. We are not evern sure what we actually paid. We are a group of seniors and go out on a regular basis....
1 star(s)
Their cobb salad tastes like they spray it with pesticides. Ordered the same salad twice over a period of one year. Both times the salad had a weird smell and taste, so bad that it left a tingling bitter feeling on my tongue. I think someone needs to inspect.
great food and drinks what else can you say.....