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“an institution... good food and a great bang for your buck
“Good Food, friendly servers, lots of repeat customers.
“Food is cooked in a pool of grease. Burgers taste spoiled. Deli meats have an overly salty taste. Gloves not used in the kitchen. Trash on floor not swept. Severs act insincerely polite. Management rarely around whe...
“This is the same type restaurant as the Melting Pot, the food was great! We liked it as well as Melting pot, and is a great deal cheaper. Not as a romantic atmosphere as Melting Pot but was still just as good. We g...
“YUCK..I am from Ohio, and some of our SNS stink too, but this one.OMG....
“good food, great service
“The best chicken salad I have ever tasted, and breakfast there is amazing!
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