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Welcome to Orlando Florida! Our city has some many fun and exciting attractions to offer you. Orlando is know for its many different theme parks. At Universal Studios Resort you can do it all. There are great hotels to stay at like the Hard Rock Café Hotel and hang out all day at two great theme parks. Shoot up some aliens on the "Men In Black" ride and travel through time on "Back to the Future" or you can go to Island of Adventure and take on the "Hulk." After all you fun then you can eat at many great restaurants right in area like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Pastamore. Also don't forget to check out the great shopping at Universal Studios Resort. SeaWorld Orlando is another great place to visit, with live shows and array of sea creatures. Here you can go on virtual simulation over the Arctic and get a little wet on the way to visit Atlantis. This is also the home of Shamu, one of the most well known Killer Whales. Shamu puts on shows and has an underwater viewing tank so you can say hey to him even if he is not performing. Orlando has a lot of really nice golf course for you to choose from too. The Ventura Country Club offers you one of the top rated courses in Orlando so check it out if you are up for a challenge. Don't forget to see one of the wackiest museums, the Wonderworks. This museum takes science to a level of pure madness and it is quite interesting to see. Even the building its' self is crazy to look at. You might want to see the Titanic, Ship of Dreams Exhibit while your in town. Here you can see real artifacts from the actual Titanic and learn what happen on that cold April night. Don't get to burn out yet because the night has just begun.

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I'm not a fan of the food because I do not enjoy salty food, however the atmosphere is relaxing and my young adults enjoy this place immensely.
all Panera's nearby are managed well, and food is always on time and consistent. Enjoy!
currently overrated. The service is not like it used to be when first opened.
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