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“The oles we got were hard as a brick and could not be ate
“I've tried all the other resturants in town that sell tamales these are the Best tamales in town go here soon and often I know I will!!!! Thank you Panchos!!! 12/30/11
“It's certainly better than the overpriced slop they serve at Palmer's Deli. Jason's Deli is better in my opinion. It isn't much of a "Deli" really, it's a sandwich shop. The Mama Mia is their best sandwich by far. T...
“They have this piano guy that plays on certain days. Would definitely recommend going when he is there. Creates a wonderful ambience.
“This is one of the finest steak houses I have ever been too. A wonderful atmosphere that is second to none, outstanding service. Highly recommended!
“We really like this restaurant. They have really good food and it is not overpriced like alot of Thai restaurants. We have never found Chicken wings like they have here. These dont have sauce on the wings but hav...
“One heck of a value for the dollar. Ordered open face steak for lunch, and it was perfect. First time I have ever been at this resturant, and the owner was very pleasant. will definitely return for another lunch
“Baratta's has amazing food, great service and the people that work there are so nice and really cater to your needs. I recommend this place to anyone that likes Italian food!
“The best salad dressing in Des Moines. Beyond that the cavatelli is good, the Jamaican jerk sandwich is really good and it's some of the best pizza you'll find anywhere. It's worth a visit.
“Best fajitas in the world. Everything here is good and reasonably priced. The staff is great-our favorite Mexican place in the Des Moines area.
“B&B is the best place to go and get a great sandwich. The people there are the best. It reminds me of a store I would find back home in Boston. I love the sandwiches and the meat is excellent
“I love chiness food so I'm delighted that I chose this lovely restaurant. Never in my life have I been to a restaurant like this. They made me feel so welcome there and i appreciate that
“My daughter and I visited this deli at an old grocery store and we were shocked at the sandwiches that we ordered. First the atmosphere was very friendly, and then the sandwiches was HUGE and DELICIOUS. I didn't kno...
“I am so pleased to have a Chinese restaurant in Des Moines that serves "dim sum" on Sundays (10 AM to 2 PM, I believe): I do not need to go to a big metropolis like Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Boston in orde...
“I thought the Manhattan Deli was ok. I think there are other deli's in Des Moines that make far superior sandwich. The food is priced ok for the amout that you receive and the taste is average. It has good atmospher...
“my family grew up on the south side and b&b store you could not get anything better if your looking for the down home old fashion store with a smile it family no doubt about it the best meat bundles and deli in town...
“You have to experience this place. They have sports stuff all over the place. Their meat and deli area remind me of the neighborhood grocery store I went to as a kid. I had their hot italian sausage. AWESOME...
“I am not sure when these people where there last, but I just went and loved it. They have been smoke free since April! The service is above and beyond. Never having to ask for anything. I think our server was a mind...
“Classic Frozen Custard makes the best ice cream in America. Hands down. I have traveled throughout the country and have not ever been able to equal the amazing taste of their frozen custard. When I was performing in...
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