Discover Downtown Dallas

Hanging in heart of the "Lone Star State"

Howdy ya’ll! Welcome to Dallas where there is more than meets the eye. Here in the heart of Texas you will find dozen of fun and exciting activities. Come and see Dallas’s art district by way of trolley. The McKinney Adventure Trolley will take you all over Dallas’s fine art district. This is home to the countries largest urban art district with fantastic museums and galleries. If you want to get a taste of western side of Texas then you are in luck. Dallas is home to many great rodeo centers like the Mesquite Rodeo and Texas Stampede. To watch these true cowboys take down a calf in under thirty seconds or watch someone go for the almost impossible seven second on a bull ride. Dallas is also home to the American Airline Center, which is one of the most modern stadiums in this country. Here in this amazing stadium you can see either the Dallas Stars in the NHL or the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. If you are more of football fan then go and see the Dallas Cowboys. Sports are not the only thing great in this town to though, there are so many outdoor activities that you can partake in. Go and see in the heart of downtown the Thanks-giving Square or the Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. The Heritage Village is a great place to learn how people lived hundred’s of years ago. You can also learn about the history of Dallas by touring the City Hall. By this time now I am sure you are getting quite famished. Baker’s Ribs is defiantly a place you will want to treat your taste buds to. They are famous for their mouth-watering pork ribs and giant sandwiches. Maybe you want to try Palomino Euro Bistro where the locals like to go and fill themselves up before heading off to a Stars or Maverick game. Now it is time to check out the darker side of one of the most popular Lone Star State cities!

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I know this is only one review but I hope others will read this... The manager Karlo is a dismissive jerk. We were having a wonderful time the food was great! Until half way through the meal a waiter spilled red wine ...
I been in that restaurant and they have horrible can hear people screaming from the kitchen.they actually have rats in that place and that's disgusting, the waitress never goes back to your table.they take fo...
I been in that restaurant and they have horrible can hear people screaming from the kitchen.they actually have rats in that place and that's disscusting, the waitress never goes back to your table.they take f...
The most horrible experience in my life, the food its not food, its cold junk food, dont have taste, not nice.
Enjoyed the food it was authentic Kenyan cuisine.
Just ate here twice in 1 week. The best burger I can find mexican style and the tacos are excellent. The waitstaff is very friendly and fairly quick to refill your drink.
Great food. Been going there for years. Prices are very reasonable, and you have an option as to the size of your entree. Try it!!!
Me and my freind went to eat lunch yesterday and they haft buffet. However the buffet was tno fresh. Not too many choices. The pita bread and most of the food was dry not enough spices in it. The stuff looked like they d...
Really good food! All families were dining of all ethnicities. At 400pm two of us and the meal was under $12. Very good experience for this restaurant. As I was starving upon arrival, left well taken care of!!!
The food was delicious and the service was very great. Ive never been to a resteraunt like this before. Will recomend to everyone!