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“DIDN'T LIKE !!!! This restaurant may have been OK in the past, but has changed for the worse. Tasteless, bland food, very poor service, non-existent parking and management staff that won't listen to complaints. Choo...
“The service was friendly but unbelievably slow and there were only 6 people dining! When the "steak" came out it was quite small and cutting it resulted in it flying off the plate. We were impressed with the decor b...
“Really cool food, lite and casual. The food reminds me of Napa California
“This place is GREAT, the restaurant is cool but the Bar is awesome, the staff makes you want to never leave. Some friends and I spent 3 hours hanging out here. Horay for the return of a great corner bar. !!!!!
“I and two others attended this eatery on a Friday evening. We were waited on promptly, the food was very very good (truly Thai), the waitstaff was affable and informative. Overall a really nice experience on a busy ...
“Food is good, but service is horrible.
“ordered sausage burrito combo the menu says 3.99 when I paid it was 4.39 plus tax, I just do not like price differences. Forty cents is forty cents.
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