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“I've been dining here since the early 90's - my wife and I love the place - from the delicious beef peppercorn steaks and fresh seafood to the wonderful management and waitstaff. We highly recommend this place and ...
“this use to be really good when they had fresh not frozen patties. to greasy.
“The Oar House is our #1 place to eat in Rockwall, we have lived here for five years now, it is also the #1 place for several of our friends. It is an awesome place for a nice dinner out on a date night or with frie...
“I am an executive of a company with over 1000 employees in the DFW area and an attorney. I frequent many of the best restaurants in the Metroplex, both for business as well as with my family. Based on the review...
“I think they are the best burgers made. It's hard to eat just one.
“to go only a must try if you like an old style cheesebugers,call first so they are ready an unbelievable burger for $2.60 .
“To go orders only, burgers only. Cooked in backyard shed and open only 2 hours a day if they don't run out of fresh ground meat first. Sounds crazy, tastes great. May very well be the best burger I have ever had.
“May be the best restaurant east of Dallas. Everything is excellent. Not a place where you have a bunch of load and unruly kids. More of an adult place. Very nice.
“This is the best place and their good is great!
“The cognac filet was one of the best filet I have ever tasted. The service was great, as was the atmospere. Average cost per couple was about $80.00 including drinks.
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