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Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

(561) 620-9922

7036 W Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33433

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Mexican, Catering, Take Out/Carry Out
it stinks!! portions are too small!! quality is medium??.I will not go back
Mexican, Catering, Take Out/Carry Out
Mexican, Catering, Take Out/Carry Out
Save your money. This overpriced, noisy restaurant has a wait staff that's in your face when you don't want to see them and gone missing when you want some help! The food is over-spiced, and has the taste of pre-cooked, stored in the frig. The sloppy ...
Mexican, Catering, Take Out/Carry Out
Saturday night had to wait 45 minutes but the service was good and the food was good too. The marghertia/sangria frozen drink was excellent. Will go back but not on a saturday night.
Mexican, Catering, Take Out/Carry Out
Agree! Over priced, not authentic! And yes food is pre made! I ran into someone that breifly worked there and confirmed my suspisions. The ingredients used to make "fresh" guac sits on the tray in the open all night! Save ur money! Go buy a bottle of ...

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