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Keep in mind first, that there is a more casual restaurant, of campange on the lower level. These comments are regarding the fine dining room upstairs, which is much different and a different menu as well. My husband and I went there for our second anniversary. very beautiful view if you sit by a...
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"Best Ribs in seattle" excellant Prime Rib Melts in your mouth,over all great food, great services!
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Great food, beer, etc! Highly recommend when attending a show at the Paramount, etc.
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Wife and I are both Weight Watchers, but neither of us could hold back, even with the "Neo Food", which sounded delicious. She had the sampler (turkey, pork and chicken), and I had the Caribbean Jerked Pork. And the Elysian ESB beer. QUITE good! And speaking of beer: the decor, consisting of beer...
Leilani's Lumpia Land had the most wonderful and delectable morsels called Lumpia that I could not eat just one of these rolled up hot resemblance of an oriental spring roll. Like potatoechips I had to eat more. They were irresistable. It satisfied my hunger as I was walking capitol hill toward B...
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This is the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to and trust me...I've hit up almost every Thai restaurant in Seattle!!! The people are great, the atmosphere is wonderful (including the fish tank) and the food...agh..the food is to die for. If you like Thai food you've got to try Siam on Broadway!...
5 star(s)
Hawaiian Style eats in Seattle--nice people running the place (and service us too)--not just the owners, but also the service staff, and janitorial staff too! Portions are generous, pricing is great ($10 and under), drinks are great too (try the Li-Hing Margarita = amazing!) Been back 3 times si...
Yes, I just gave Greenwood Mandarin Restaurant a perfect score! And it's well deserved, let me explain further... My fiance' Cassandra and I have been searching for a great Chinese restaurant in the Seattle area since we moved here from Wisconsin two and a half years ago. Try place after place,...
I love thai food, and this is some of the best I've eaten, including visiting Thailand. It is a family run place and you can tell by the way they treat kids. My daughter loves it, as much for the friendly treatment as the food and is thrilled when their daughter is visiting to talk to. They will mak...
Nice and trendy restaurant in Williamsburg,tasty food, good service, interesting design.
I used to live within walking distance of Irwin's and what a treat. Such a special place where the food is delicious, the revolving art shows cutting edge and the ambience comfy and welcoming. I would to go in abour 9 am and have coffee and Blueberry pie and write or just enjoy the music. I miss you...
5 star(s)
Great vegetarian pasta dish. Loved it. Loved the atmosphere, too. I want to go back next time I'm in Seattle.
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This has to be one of the best Indian restaurant that I have been to in Seattle. The food was excellent, and the service just topped it off. Make sure you try their Tandoori dishes.
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After trying many Indian Restaurants in Seattle, I found my way to Taste of India about 6 years ago. Since then I have not even thought about going elsewhere for Indian food! This place is so great! Quite a value for your money as well. I was a starving student during my first visits and their porti...
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Grand Buffet is not pretentious. It is a place you go to fill up on American-Chinese style food, a place that's almost always busy and with good reason. A great place to go with your family or with friends, expect noise, a slightly tacky environment, adequate service and great food. In general se...
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How can this be the first review of one of Seattle's best restaurants?? Go for lunch and you'll enjoy a solid Italian-American buffet that will please everyone. But go for dinner and oh! won't be bothered with having to pick from a menu, but instead Mike will greet you at the door and seat ...
Best Indian food on the planet. Owner is also the chef, he can personalize anything to your taste. Menu has a wide variety of dishes. Service is quick and attentive. The prices are very reasonable. Was voted best Indian restaurant in Seattle by a recent Seattle times poll. Once you try it you ...
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Their pizza is amazing! It has been family owned forever and they make you feel like family there.
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This place has amazing Italian food at a great price. Everything is good
I went there the other night after driving by a few times and seeing what looked like alot of fun happening inside. Although, I might not exactly have fit in with the crowd, everyone treated me so kindly and I had a ball. I was able to do some school work and watch a ton of dancing laughing and go...