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5 star(s)
Delicious food , havent had this kind of kebab experience ever. Great staff very friendly definitely going back again!!!!
4 star(s)
I love this place... What a find !! This is without a doubt the best mexican food in Kirkland
I am a regular here. The food is very consistent and of high quality. Try the sirloin steak breakfast. The meat is organic and, because of the thickness of the cut and the fact that it is prepared on an open grill, you can be sure to get it prepared as you want it.
I like this place...its convenient. there is decent parking. They have comfort foods...okay prices. I stear clear if its sports night...cause I dont like the noise....but other than that its a-okay. Especially good to meet here if you have diners from the east side of town and the west side of La...
I don't know what this last person was talking about ... but this little neighborhood place is great!! Try some of their great diner food! The best I've had in the whole area!! 17 people walking in to a restaurant? No wonder.. Denny's would not serve 17 people without a reservation. She must have it...
I have been a regular here for many years but after our experience Saturday night will never be going back. 17 of us (regulars)went there after bowling about 8:30.At this time the restaurant was not busy. when we told the kid (server) that there was 17 of us he said "Oh Crap" to one of the ladies ...
awesome superbowl party!!! We ate before the game had started and when half-time came around and i saw platter after platter coming out of the kitchen i could not hold back ,,,,,,,,, made our nite very well taken care of ..oh yea the food was great
5 star(s)
excellent food, excellent service. great restaurant!
Fresh and wonderful Italian fare, delicious bread !