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Best Asian buffet in town. We dine-in as well as have home delivery. Clean environment, excellent food and service. Go there. You won't regret it!
Healthy? I guess, but unless they have changed, they still use margarine for their potatoes--hardly a healthy choice. Pie is above average, but not spectacular. I think it strives to be something it's not and the owners aren't sure what that is--yuppie bohemian or upscale casual? Not a bad place to ...
4 star(s)
Beanie burgers didn't sound all that good when our neighbor recommended them. We tried them and got hooked. Haven't lived in Wichita Falls for years, but we'll go out of our way for beanie burgers if we're in the area.
3 star(s)
It was not that good. I have no idea why everyone in Wichita falls thinks sauce fixes eveything. There is no spice or flavor to the meats. Will not go there again.
4 star(s)
I love this place. The food is excellent, staff is friendly, and compared to other bbq places in town the quality of what you get surpasses the more than reasonable prices. They stay pretty busy which is the only reason I can see the staff not being overly friendly(previous comment). They have incre...
5 star(s)
This is my FAVORITE place to eat in town!!! And I have to disagree with the other comments, the staff is always friendly (some a little shy) but friendly non the less. The only thing I have concerns about is the cleanliness of the stuff hanging on the walls.
2 star(s)
Branding Iron used to be my favorite place in Wichita Falls to eat. Unfortunately the food and the service have both became horrible. The staff is rude and their cleanliness of both the staff and the establishment is poor. The food I received the last time I was there was $2 per plate higher than...
My grandmother youst to own Genes so I ate there a lot and I think that its really good.
4 star(s)
GREAT FOOD BUT i placed a to go order and the guy was very very very rude!! Good chance I will not be going back.. its just too bad because their food is great but the service and people are just flat out rude,, you would think they would value their customers, especially when they get catering and...
5 star(s)
Amazing Greek food! Looks like a whole in the wall but the food is awesome and the staff is great! We go all the time and have never had a bad experience!
1 star(s)
Of course everyone knows about Branding Iron's great food. Although, their customer service leaves A LOT to be desired. We've had many meals catered from them and payed a PRETTY penny for all. They are extremely rude on the phone & must think they will never see the actual person placing the order, ...
Gene's will serve you the best cheeseburger, onion rings, and fries in the State of Texas. Relax and don't be in a hurry though because they are always busy. That's a sign that they serve GREAT food!
5 star(s)
Where else can you get whatever type of pizza you want,salad, and dessert for $5.00! The manager was very friendly and asked me if everything was good. She even brought me a special pizza to my table.
5 star(s)
MMMMM!!!! Beanie burger!!! My cousin introduced me to them when we were passing through, and I can honestly say I WILL stop there every time I pass through!!
Owners are snobby and rude towards kids even though my child was very clean and quiet... Rude to guests that dont seem up to standard to talk to
1 star(s)
We went in during off peak hours (mid afternoon). The selection of pizzas was poor and had been sitting for a bit too long as they were dry. The desserts were undercooked and still soft/uncooked in the center. The tables were still dirty and what kids were there were unmanaged and running around scr...
5 star(s)
I have had BBQ all over Texas and Branding Iron is the best overall Texas BBQ I have had. If you know and like BBQ you will love it. The Ribs are dry because they are dry rub style, that is the idea. Their homemade BBQ sause is awesome, goes great on dry rub ribs. Also great value.
4 star(s)
Two words - Beanie Burger. Every time I pass through Wichita Falls I have to stop and get one.
3 star(s)
When my family and I go on road trips we always like to try BBQ from all over Texas. Reading such great reviews on this place, we went to try it. We were disappointed with the food, the BBQ was dry, did not taste fresh and did not have any taste. Compared to other places we've been to, this did not ...
I thought this was the worst steakhouse i'd even eaten at! i don't understand how they could still be in business! I went with my husband and mother. The service was awful and so was the food. The steak was seasonless and the wine selection was horrible and overpriced. To top the night off, all of ...