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5 star(s)
Love this restaurant! The food is EXCELLENT! I would recommend to anyone!
3 star(s)
New owners of the Luby's chain has ruined the place. The steam tables which always insured hot food, have been replaced with "white platters" used to display the food instead of keeping it warm. Many of the old favorite foods are gone now, most veggies are just open a can and put "lukewarm or cold...
I am not sure what restaurant the original review was of because our visit to this restaurant was the worst experience of any dining establishment ever visited. The staff inquired if we were ready to order before I ever even sat down, argued our complaint of a medium-rare steak being prepared mid-...
GREAT place to go eat, menu has something for everyone and you get a lot of food for the price. Food and service were great, I think I just found my favorite place to eat in Rosenberg