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3 star(s)
One Day i came with my freind and there was a cocaroach in the cheese!! Braxton Turner
5 star(s)
This restaurant is amazing! I love the food. I go there all the time :) They need too deliver though.
5 star(s)
These people are super nice. The owners make you feel like they have known you your whole life. Great food, great price. I would eat here every night if my waist line would allow it.
I work in the area and try to go to Subway at least once a week. The bread is the worst at any Subway I have ever visited. It is DRY and Crumbling. I have asked for fresher bread but it is still dry. What is the problem? Should it have been thrown away a week ago or maybe they need further training?...
5 star(s)
this is an awesome restaurant. They are so friendly here. The owner is so nice and makes you feel so welcome. She always has a smile on her face. The food is great quality and has big portions. Which is something you don't get everywhere. The price is inexpensive and worth every penny. If you are ev...