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WE LOVE TO EAT THERE EVERY WEEK. only thing is take out orders. THE LAST 2 times we got takeout we did not get all our order. Its too far to drive all the way back after you get home. Other then that its a great place to eat
1 star(s)
Been at this quiznos before but had a bad experience last time. I think it was the owner who served us and seemed to be in a bad mood. Everything we asked for seemed to be a hassle. Instead of asking what kind of bread I wanted he just gave me one. Not sure if we will return after this rude behavior...
I love the Donut palace. I think they are better than Dunkin Donuts. And worse than Krispy Kreme.
I love to visit this restaurant, the food is terriffic and the service is excellent. I usually visit every Saurday night with my girlfriend to maybe do a little karaoke. I vote this the best Mexican Restaurant in Tennessee.
4 star(s)
The food is always consistent and very good. Great value too. We eat there almost every Friday night.
The food is good,overall it's pretty good but most of the time the waitresses only wait for cute guys to arrive and they do not attend the customers fairly.
awesome place. Food is great. Good place to take the kiddies for an ice cream cone!
5 star(s)
Went in for dinner with my family, wife and two daughters, and it was delicious. I had the Sirloin Brewski, which had a butter sauce and onions on it, my wife had a teriyaki chicken and the kids ate from the kids menu (in addition to the rolls and peanuts they threw down). We all ate for less than $...
look, here's the deal. this place ROCKS. it's more than the sum of its parts. there's very friendly staff, almost a cast of characters, or even like extended family after so many visits. the food is not the world's finest, but if you're in the market for a chinese buffet, you will be pleased with th...
I eat there often. The food is very good, the menu is full of choices, and you get a lot for your money. The staff and service are good.