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Fabulous linen cloth dining with the the joy of the logical price. Personable, attentive, classy atmosphere and food that causes your taste buds to notice. It's a secret in the area for now so don't let the lack of cars in the lot confuse you. Take a walk in for an exceptional experience in dinin...
Im in love with this place. The place is beautifully decorated around the holidays during christmas time. I can eat all i want during dinner time for crab legs and the price is totally worth it. Should totally try this place out.
Amazing place. The manager is nice. The staffs are friendly and the food is absolutely delicious. I go there at least 3 times a week. Best place in TN. Can never get tired of it!
Really, just been there recently and their manager was the WORST. I can't believe there's anyone like this man. Unbelievable. General staff, quite friendly, just the manager peeved me.
1 star(s)
this was the worst mexican food i have ever eaten, the "chili releno" was a disgusting wad of cheese in the bottom of the bowl, the taco was flavorless, and the beans tasted funny/bad.....their chips were ok albeit somewhat over cooked and the "salsa" was the same ole crushed tomato's out of a can.....
always a mistake...
Best sushi in Town!
This is my favorite place to eat. The staff is very friendly and the food is excellent! Not to forget a wonderful grill!!! I eat at China Pan at least once a week!
Daily specials and good menu. Windows overlooking the water. Great service and very friendly staff. Eat a great meal with great service overlooking the water watching the boats coming and going. What a nice way to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
5 star(s)
Great food and great service. Everything is great.
5 star(s)
This restaurant was a fantastic surprise. After having discovered it a few months ago, my girlfriend and I now go there all the time. Their perfect margaritas are the ideal compliment to the variety of irresistable dishes they offer. Camino Real is great for a romantic date, family occasion or c...
5 star(s)
Great place to spend some time and i recomend it to anybody...Come see what they got...
5 star(s)
i love to eat at the waffle house when i go to antioch. but the food is very good i love the hashbrowns and eggs you got carol gore
This is a great little hole in the wall /best kept secret...Oops should I have let everyone know?? The brothers that own it are the cooks and they are amazing at turning out the tastiest pizza and pasta dishes. Their antipasto is wonderful too. ENJOY!!!