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THe Cove has been shut down by the Landlord since the operators were behind on their rent and were in total default of their lease. The place was a pig-sty. SInce then, the Landlord has taken it over. It was closed for a month while being cleaned and spruced up. It is now great,. The food is outrag...
I have eaten at the Cove a few times already, and I very much enjoyed each time. The views are amazing!! The food is always delicious and on certain nights they have live music. One of the best dining experiences in Peekskill.
The restaurant has qa great turnover. i can't stand the wait. Best to call in before you go. It has a seating area for dinning in. You see too many of them anymore. It's more fast food Chinese in neighborhoo than sit down restaurant's. The food is fairly good. Rather have their food over the other r...
well the new owners are out .. im doing special events there till the spring hopefully then we open full time. right now have a show jan 16th 2010 . trust me the food and service are great.
I went with a group of friends to the Wednesday Seafood Buffet a while ago. The food was disgusting. The pasta salads were not even fresh or tasty.
I have a personal beef with this restaurant. I paid a deposit of 600.00 for a function, which had to be canceled. Even with 6 mos notice, we were not able to get a refund or a dinner credit. The furnishings are shabby and the bar service is inconsistent. Despite the attitude of the owner/manager...
I went to a formal event there recently and the entire experience was awful! This was the worst place ever! The food was disgusting, service was awful. The manager was rude and offensive. Everything was unorganized, the cocktail hour was not ready, the bar was not ready to serve us until an hour aft...
We went there for a formal event it was horrible!! The food was not good, the service was horrible! I wouldn't throw a party for my dog there! I think the new owner is in over her head. When we got to the party the cocktail hour wasn't even ready. The place cards were not even out. Very unorganize...
4 star(s)
very good food. i went here bcoz it was late and no options. food was good and place as well.
i have not been here in a long time but when i was their it was great.
I ordered sweet & sour chicken with Shrimp fried rice only to start eating the rice & low & behold there was 2 worms in my food. I had never been so upset in my life. Had I not looked down I would have ate them it was really horrible.