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Do not waste your time. We were rushed from the time we entered till we left . Should have gone to Mc Donalds. Would have been able to stay longer and a lot less expensive. The waiters, constantly hovering over you. Food was lousy, overcooked
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WOW. That word alone describes my experience. We love this restaurant. We went on 2/17 and we loved everything from the moment we walked in, our waiter Christian was wonderful. We will definitely return. 5 Stars *****
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By far the greatest eating establishment on the planet. Well rounded. Food is great, and cheap. A HUGE variety. You always get what hits the spot. Friendly, fast, polite service, nice eating environment. New renovations make it an even better eating experience. 5/5 hands DOWN!!!
Not only awful, but WAY overpriced to boot. If I could give this restaurant a zero stars, I would. Let me start by saying that this is the first negative review I've ever written about a restaurant, and we east out a few times a week. To start, while our waiter was very nice and accommodating ...
Great food, clean healthy preparation. Service has always been polite, timely and efficient. Wait staff & management are always attentive. Sunday brunch is an all you can eat buffet of everything from salad to sushi. an outstanding value !!!! try it - you'll be glad you did.
Good food, but count your change before you leave. I was handed back the wrong change recently (shorted $5) and when I mentioned it, the clerk said that he gave me the right change. I then spoke to the man in charge, who said that his clerk swears that the change was right. He offered to count ou...
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I love thier food and the service is great it is one of the BEST resturants I went to! THey trea ids so well. For instance, one of the witresses Anna is great to all of the people there because she is soo friendly. Teddy is also a fun person ,too! And this is why IO love this restuant soo much